Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Getting rid of mold in your home

To get rid of mold in you home it is important to do the following: 

  • Contact a licensed restoration company to assess the situation
  • Have substance or growth tested by a third party environmental hygienist
  • Follow the recommended steps to complete cleanup of microbial growth. 

How do I eliminate mold in my home?

It is important to contact a licensed restoration contractor. SERVPRO of Park Ridge has the team and experience to make sure that each step is properly documented and the job is completed correctly from start to finish. 

Do you have an issue with mold in your home?

If you have mold in your home, it is important to contact a licensed restoration company immediately. SERVPRO of Park Ridge is available 24/7 to help, assist and complete the issues of microbial growth in your home. 

Mold cleanup in closet

This closet had a blackish color mold growing in it. SERVPRO of Park Ridge was quick to begin the cleanup process and get it back to pre loss condition. It is very important to act fast and make sure everything is documented along the way. 

Mold damage on wall

This wall had a nasty type of mold growing on it. SERVPRO of Park Ridge was quickly able to help and begin the restoration process. If you have any questions on how to clean and remove mold, give us a call at (847) 795-9200.

Mold damage in a residential home

This home had a lot of mold damage. This was caused from a lot of moisture buildup in the walls. SERVPRO of Park Ridge was able to help remove the affected materials and clean to get back to normal.