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The Role of Business Interruption Insurance: Protecting Your Business in Times of Crisis

8/20/2023 (Permalink)

Business interruption insurance, also known as business income insurance, is a type of coverage that plays a crucial role in helping businesses recover from unexpected disruptions. Whether it's a natural disaster, a fire, a cyber attack, or a global pandemic like COVID-19, unforeseen events can significantly impact a company's operations and revenue. In this blog post, we will explore the role of business interruption insurance and why it is a vital component of business risk management.

Understanding Business Interruption Insurance

Business interruption insurance provides financial protection by compensating businesses for lost income and additional expenses incurred during a period of interruption or forced closure. It typically covers the following:

Lost Profits: Business interruption insurance helps replace the income lost during the interruption period, allowing businesses to continue paying bills, salaries, and other ongoing expenses.

Extra Expenses: In some cases, businesses may incur extra expenses to minimize the impact of the interruption or to speed up the recovery process. Business interruption insurance can help cover these additional costs, such as temporary relocation expenses or the purchase of necessary equipment.

Extended Closure: If a business is forced to close temporarily due to a covered event, business interruption insurance can provide coverage for the extended period of closure, giving the business time to recover and rebuild.

Key Benefits of Business Interruption Insurance

Having business interruption insurance in place can provide several key benefits to your business:

Income Protection: One of the most significant benefits of business interruption insurance is that it helps replace lost income during a period of interruption. This allows businesses to keep their cash flow steady and meet financial obligations, such as loan repayments and utility bills.

Continuity of Operations: By providing coverage for the necessary expenses, businesses can continue operating even in challenging times. This can include setting up temporary locations, hiring additional staff, or purchasing new equipment to minimize the impact and maintain continuity.

Peace of Mind: Knowing that your business is protected against unexpected events provides peace of mind. Business owners can focus on recovery and rebuilding without the added worry of the financial strain caused by a prolonged interruption.

Determining Coverage and Policy Limits

When considering business interruption insurance, it's essential to assess potential risks and calculate adequate coverage and policy limits. Factors to consider include:

Historical Revenue: Analyze your previous year's revenue to estimate the income you would need to replace in the event of an interruption.

Recovery Period: Estimate how long it would take for your business to fully recover and return to normal operations. Consider potential delays and the time it would take to rebuild clientele.

Additional Expenses: Assess potential additional expenses you might incur during a period of crisis or interruption, such as relocation, increased marketing efforts, or temporary staffing.

Insurable Events: Identify the types of risks specific to your business and verify that they are covered by the policy. Review exclusions and limitations, and seek clarification from your insurance provider if needed.

Business interruption insurance is a critical component of a comprehensive risk management strategy for any business. Its role extends beyond simply replacing lost income; it provides financial stability and peace of mind during times of crisis. By understanding the coverage options, calculating adequate policy limits, and working closely with your insurance advisor, you can protect your business from the potentially devastating financial impact of unforeseen disruptions. Remember, the right insurance coverage can be the safeguard that keeps your business running, ensuring a swift recovery and a bright future ahead.

What Can Cause a Toilet To Overflow in a Commercial Property?

4/5/2022 (Permalink)

Leakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe If your building has category 3 water damage from sewage, contact your local SERVPRO for cleaning and restoration services.

What Can Cause A Commercial Property Toilet To Overflow?

Sewage cleaning can make a valuable difference in the performance of a building’s sewage system. A toilet overflow is a sign of serious problems in your sewage system. If you find yourself having to sop up a flood from an overflowing toilet, it may be due to:

  • A clogged waste pipe in the sewage system
  • Roots obstructing the waste pipe
  • A full septic system

Here are some common causes for a toilet that overflows without being flushed in Chicago,IL.

Clogged Drainage Pipe

One cause for a toilet overflow is a clogged pipe. If this is the cause of your flooding toilet, the water is considered category 3, or highly unsanitary water. Use protective gear when handling this type of flood. A toilet that overflows without being flushed is an indicator that the drainage pipe is clogged. Clearing a clogged pipe is severe and often requires professional attention.

Full Septic System

A foul odor spreading through the building, slow drains, a backed-up toilet, and a lawn that is healthier than usual are common signs that your septic system needs to be serviced. Commercial septic systems can service 20 people a day and should be pumped at least once every three years. Contact a sewage cleaning service to pump your septic system if you notice any indicators that it is full. Immediate response upon noticing the signs of a full septic tank will prevent severe water damages.

Old Sewage Systems

Older sewage systems were often made with clay or concrete materials, making it easy for tree roots to penetrate and clog the drainage pipes. The newer mixture of plastic and concrete materials does not allow tree roots to penetrate. An outdated sewage system is likely to develop clogs from invasive tree roots. This requires a professional sewage company to remove the older plumbing materials and install new pipes.

SERVPRO is a preferred vendor for most insurance agencies and can handle your sewage cleaning needs. If your building has category 3 water damage from sewage, contact your local SERVPRO for cleaning and restoration services. Updating old sewage systems and maintaining them can help prevent loss from water damage.

When Emergencies Strike, Responsiveness Matters

3/13/2022 (Permalink)

Trucks of a restoration company At SERVPRO, we are fully prepared with the necessary manpower and tools to begin the remediation process in your business, as soon as possible.

When An Emergency Occurs, Responsiveness Is Critical.

Natural disasters and emergencies can happen in Rosemont,IL, without warning, leaving your business vulnerable to extensive property damage that requires professional cleanup and costly repairs.

It can be difficult to know what to do and who to call first in the midst of a stressful situation, so it's helpful to have a plan in place before the worst happens. It's also an excellent idea to identify your go-tos for remediation and claim services so you'll have the right numbers on hand when you need them. Time is of the essence, and the faster the response, the greater your chances are of minimizing damage and loss.

Faster To Arrive on the Scene

When you're in a crisis, the last thing you want is to wait a long time for help to arrive. An emergency response team like SERVPRO will be onsite within 24 hours, prepared with the manpower and tools needed to promptly begin the remediation process. They will get to work right away assessing, cleaning, and fixing the damage. Less time to arrival means less damage and less money to shell out.

Faster To Itemize Damage

An emergency response team understands the insurance claims process well and knows that repairing is almost always less expensive than replacing. They are also experienced at itemizing damage and collecting the information that will help you get to work on your claim before the claim services adjustor arrives. This speeds the process along so the insurance company can focus on its priorities and you can receive your reimbursement check as quickly as possible.

Faster To Get You Up and Running

The primary goal of your insurance company and remediation service is to get you back in business quickly for as little money as possible, which is your goal as well. Having a response team that works together with your insurance company makes the whole process go faster and more smoothly for everyone.

As a Rosemont,IL, business owner, you need a full-service emergency response team that is preferred by insurance companies nationwide to work with their claim services. Together, they'll help you restore your property and your peace of mind.

The Secret to Disaster Response Is Teamwork

2/8/2022 (Permalink)

Trucks from a restoration company When fire, water or weather damages your home, call SERVPRO. When the damage is done, your home will look "Like it never even happened."

Teamwork Is The Key To Disaster Recovery.

There is a small cleaning and restoration business located in the Rosemont,IL, area. You see their green trucks at businesses and residences around town. Their advertisements talk about disaster recovery, but how can that be? There are so few of them.

They seem to be good at drying buildings and always have the right equipment. It’s easy to predict where to find them. They will show up at commercial and residential locations after:

  • Fires
  • Floods
  • Winter storms
  • Spring thaws
  • Mold outbreaks

They seem to be pillars of the community and are nice to have around. They look good doing the small jobs but how effective could they be in a regional emergency? Looks can be misleading.

That Cleaning and Restoration Business Has a Secret Weapon

That small company is one of many similar businesses around the country. At last count, there were more than 1,700 of them. Every one of them works locally, just like the one near you. When disaster is imminent, their corporate office activates the Disaster Recovery Team. In a flash, that team turns those local hometown experts into a regional task force. The recovery team is the communications center. It coordinates the activities of the task force and temporary labor brought in to assist with the storm damage.

Smaller Local Disasters Also Require a Team Approach

Not all emergencies require a regional response. They also have smaller storm response teams positioned at strategic locations around the country. Those teams provide the same support as the corporate team, but on a smaller scale. These storm teams also play a role in larger regional disasters. They provide an intermediate level of control and operate as mobile command centers.

The Secret Is Out

You now understand what makes that small cleaning and restoration business so special. They really are disaster recovery specialists. When fire, water or weather damages your home, you now know who to call. Those local cleaning and restoration professionals are ready to handle your problem. When they finish with the damage, your home will look “Like it never even happened."

Incidental Home Mold

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Mold damage on the floor of a home. A little extra maintenance and attention can prevent small patches of house mold from becoming a structural problem later on.

Mold In The Home On The Side

Not all mold issues you encounter in Chicago,IL are large-scale disasters that require professional help. A little extra maintenance and attention can prevent small patches of house mold from becoming a  structural problem later on.

1. Inspection Sites

Dark places that tend to retain moisture should be the first points of examination for a potential mold problem. The wood and concrete in your crawlspace are textured and porous, providing a surface on which water can accumulate to produce mold. The undersides of some furniture and appliances can also sequester mold growth. Lastly, leaking pipes and other plumbing issues can be a major problem because they deposit excess water into surrounding materials that has no means of evaporating.

2. Cleaning

For most hard surfaces, a small patch of mold should be simple to clean with detergent and water. Be sure to wear adequate skin and respiratory protection during the cleaning process to prevent unnecessary contact with mold contaminants. More extensive mold growth may require more powerful cleaning agents such as bleach. If you suspect that the house mold has been present for more than a short time, install a HEPA filter to remove particles from the air.

3. Future Prevention

You must also take steps to address the original causes of the mold. Inspect and repair any leaking pipes and ensure that no drains are clogged. Any basement-level water removal systems, such as a sump pump, should be in functional condition and have no blockages to the sewer. If your drywall or flooring have been totally compromised by water, they may need to be restored or replaced by a qualified water and mold damage restoration service.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to begin your house mold cleanup process. The damage that a patch of mold can deal to surfaces  quality could increases over time.

How to Clean a Gas Range

11/11/2021 (Permalink)

Natural gas burning on kitchen gas stove in the dark. A gas range is the heart of many kitchens, but its optimal performance depends on routine maintenance and cleaning.

What is the Best Way to Clean a Gas Range?

A gas range is the heart of many kitchens, but its optimal performance depends on routine maintenance and cleaning. The steps below offer one affordable cleaning option.

1. Wipe Away Loose Debris and Gather Supplies

Range cleaning begins by removing the grates from the burners and wiping away any loose debris with a dry brush or paper towel. Then, gather the necessary materials for washing down the surface. While chemical cleaners are available, you only need vinegar and dish soap. Additionally, you may want to have a scrub brush, toothbrush, and rags or paper towels handy.

2. Spray and Scrub the Surface

Using a 1:1 mixture of water and vinegar, spray down the surface of your Gas range, remembering to spray the back panel and knobs. Allow the mixture to soak on the surface for a minute or two before wiping it dry with paper towel or a rag. Most of the grime will wipe away, but if there are any tough stains, then apply a small amount of dish soap to the toothbrush or scrub brush and work on those areas.

3. Clean Burner Caps and Heads

Once the surface has been washed, you can begin cleaning the burner caps and heads; both should easily lift up and off. The burner caps can be placed in a pot of soapy water to soak, but the burner heads should be rinsed thoroughly in the sink. If there is any stubborn debris lodged in the burner heads, you can use a needle to dislodge it. After the caps and heads are clean, you can put everything back in place.

4. Follow Manufacturer Instructions

Every manufacturer has specific instructions for maintenance and cleaning, which is why you should always read the owner’s manual before removing or cleaning anything. Additionally, if there is anything that concerns you, like a smoke smell, contact the manufacturer or other professionals from Rosemont, IL, immediately.

A gas range is a wonderful appliance, but it does require routine maintenance and cleaning. You can follow the above steps to clean your range or check the instructions in the owner’s manual for more guidance.

What Does It Mean When You Have Black Mold?

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

Walls of a room filled with mold If you have mold in your home, it is important to contact a licensed restoration company immediately. SERVPRO of Park Ridge is available 24/7 to help.

What Does Black Mold Indicate?

You've hired a mold remediation team to inspect your Rosemont, IL, home because you suspected you had some mold growth. The residential mold experts have come back to you and said you have black mold. You've heard about this particular fungus variation before, but do you really know what it means? Use this guide to better understand what this diagnosis can mean for you and your house.

Defining the Mold

While most molds are lumped into a single category, there are actually quite a few variations of the fungus growth. Molds that fall into the genus Stachybotrys are typically greenish-black in hue and often go by the common name of black mold. This particular strand likes to grow on environments that meet the following criteria:

  • Full of moisture
  • High in cellulose
  • Low in nitrogen

The mold cleanup process for this variation is the same as for most other types.

Looking at Its Growth

A constant source of water is needed for the mold to thrive, but with this simple staple the mold can grow and expand into other areas of your home. This fungus can often be found on ceiling tiles, fiberboard, paper, wood floors and other surfaces in a residential home. Because mold spores are always in the air, it doesn't take long for a colony to get its roots in after a pipe burst, flood or other water damage.

Understanding the Differences

Now you know there are different kinds of mold, what does that mean for you and your mold cleanup? Some people may experience health effects. The cleanup and remediation process is the same for most of the varieties found in living spaces. The major differences are in appearance.

Black mold sounds like a scary thing to be in your home, but it's really no different than other types of mold growth. When you discover this fungus in your house, you want to start the mold remediation process as soon as possible.

3 Air Purifiers That Remove Mold Spores From Your Home

9/19/2021 (Permalink)

Mold growth on wall. Adding an air filtration system to your Chicago, IL, home can reduce the risk of mold growth in every room.

Mold spores exist almost everywhere, even in your Chicago, IL, home’s air. While individual spores typically do not cause any harm, they may take hold in a humid or moist area inside your home where they can multiply and spread. Home air filtration can help control these spores, and there are three systems you may want to consider if you want to purify the air your family breathes.

1. Alen BreatheSmart

This purification system is a quiet machine that comes in a variety of colors to complement your home’s décor. It uses a patented silver carbon filter that removes dust, mold, and other impurities from spaces up to 1,100 square feet. This purifier comes with a lifetime warranty and is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

2. Airpura P600 HEPA Air Purifier

The Airpura air filtration system removes germs, spores, and odors from the air with an oxidizer that cleans 2,000 square feet. This makes it suitable for larger spaces, such as dens or large living rooms. The filter lasts approximately five years, and the machine itself comes with a five-year warranty.

3. Winix HR1000 Air Purifier

If you are looking for a small air filter for your home office or bedroom, then this purifier might be a good choice for you. It removes pet dander, mold spores, and dust from the air for spaces up to 400 square feet. The unit runs on a carbon filter, which lasts about 12 months. A two-year limited warranty protects your purchase. If you are unsure if this purifier is large enough for the space you want to clean, contact a mold remediation and removal service for advice.

Adding an air filtration system to your Chicago, IL, home can reduce the risk of mold growth in every room. This can help to eliminate unpleasant musty odors and keep your home’s air fresh and clean.

Top 5 Hidden Places Mold Is Found

8/27/2021 (Permalink)

A restoration machine cleaning mold damage in a home. SERVPRO has the team and experience to make sure that the job is completed correctly from start to.

Mold Can Be Found in 5 Surprising Places

Sometimes mold growth is obvious. It blooms in a room that’s been flooded or on a basement wall where groundwater is seeping in. Other times, it hides. You may think you’ve taken care of mold by cleaning it off a wall, but if a musty, dank odor persists, you know there’s still mold hiding somewhere. An experienced mold remediation specialist in Chicago, IL, can help you pinpoint the location of the mold. Here are the top five places they’ll know to look for hidden mold.

1. Under Carpets and Carpet Pads

Damp carpeting provides an ideal habitat for mold. The space between the carpet or carpet pad and the underlying floor can hold moisture for a long time, allowing mold growth to flourish. If your carpet gets wet, be sure to dry it completely, including underneath.

2. Inside Walls

If you’ve noticed mold growing on a wall, there’s a fair chance it’s also growing inside the wall. A mold remediation service in Chicago, IL, can remove moldy drywall, locate the source of moisture and clean and dry the wall interior to eliminate mold problems.

3. Behind Wallpaper

Wallpaper that has been around a while or was poorly hung may be harboring mold behind it. If you suspect this is the case, don’t attempt to remove it yourself or you may launch mold spores into your living space.

4. In the Attic

Your attic is the first place you’ll notice a leaking roof. If the leak is small or you don’t go into your attic very often, you may not even notice there’s a problem until it makes its way to the ceiling of your living space. If you find mold on wood in your attic, you may need to have it replaced.

5. In the Air Conditioner

If your air conditioner goes all season without use, you may end up with mold growing inside. It’s better to store it in a dry place during cooler seasons, or run it for 10 – 15 minutes a day to keep the inside clear of mold growth.

How Media Blasting Is Used to Remove Mold From Your Home

6/16/2021 (Permalink)

Black mold growth on wall Mold cleanup in Rosemont, IL.

Trying to remove mold from your crawlspace in Rosemont, IL can be tricky. The good news is that media blasting is an effective method that can both treat mold damage and prevent it from recurring.

What is Media Blasting?

Media blasting is a technique that involves applying a high-pressured air-powered spray gun to the areas of your home containing mold. The most common areas where mold thrives include:

ventilation ducts

Media blasting is also useful in removing mold from areas of your home that have experienced flooding, as this moist and humid environment is ideal for mold growth. Additionally, crawlspaces are particularly susceptible to mold growth because they are generally dark areas. If you notice any pungent, musty odors or mold growth in your Rosemont, IL home, contacting mold remediation specialists can help you eliminate it.

How Does Media Blasting Work?
There are three steps in the media blasting process: inspection, cleaning and vacuuming. First, your home will be inspected to determine where the main areas of mold growth are occurring. After this is established, high-pressure media blasting will be used to clean all of the affected areas of your home. Baking soda can be added to the spray gun to more thoroughly clean mold damage, as it is highly effective in cleaning wood and approximately four times faster than scrubbing or scraping the mold by hand.
After all the mold has been blasted off, the area is vacuumed and wiped down to make sure that any remaining mold has been removed. Because mold spores are very durable, they can easily multiply if not properly eradicated.
Although finding mold in your home can be a frustrating experiencing, it can easily be addressed by using media blasting. This method is a quick and effective way to eliminate mold in common areas of your home, including basements, showers and ventilation ducts.

How Hiring a Disaster Recovery Team Can Get You Back to Business Faster

2/24/2021 (Permalink)

dehumidifier and air movers, drywalls have been removed. Concept of commercial cleaning equipment. Commercial drying equipment in Chicago, IL.

How Hiring a Disaster Recovery Team Can Get You Back to Business Faster

Disaster can strike at any moment with little notice and destroy your business. The time it takes to clean and restore your commercial space is time you should be serving your customers and taking care of your employees. You want a disaster recovery team on standby that can handle major storm damage restoration quickly and efficiently so you can return to your regular operations as soon as possible.

Recovery Teams Are Trained Specialists
When your business is damaged during a storm or event, you need to know that the recovery service you call is qualified to recognize and address the major issues you may be facing. If not properly treated, you could be facing long-term health and safety issues associated with events such as:

  • Water/flooding
  • Mold
  • Fire

Make sure the technicians you hire to clean and restore your space have specialized, professional training in water damage restoration and structural drying methods.

No Job Is Too Big for Them
When your local area is affected by a major event, you may feel overwhelmed by the damage not only to your property but also to the community at large. However, a professional restoration service is prepared with qualified and experienced production managers ready to take on large projects like hotels, universities and government buildings. Know that your business is in good hands when the next tornado, hurricane, or wildfire upsets your bottom line.

They Provide Emergency Service Around the Clock
In urgent situations, waiting to contact professional cleaning and restoration services only leads to greater damage. For water and flooding emergencies, disaster recovery services offer strategically convenient locations with 24/7 availability, so you can expect immediate action to combat further damage. You’ll want a service like SERVPRO to provide storm response that is Faster to Any Size Disaster.
Storms, fires and other catastrophes are stressful, but they don’t have to be devastating. As a business owner in Chicago, IL, you need a disaster recovery team dedicated to providing local businesses with resources after major losses so you can get back to work as quickly as possible.

What To Do About Black Mold in Your Business

1/26/2021 (Permalink)

Mold damage on wall Mold damage on wall

Stachybotrys chartarum, commonly known as black mold, can be a nuisance at best and wreak havoc on your Chicago, IL, business at worst. Once it takes hold, it can be tricky and costly to remove. Luckily, if you rent your space, these services should be paid for by your landlord. First, however, you need to know what you're up against.

Know Where To Look

Black mold thrives in places that are dark, damp and poorly ventilated. That makes some rooms more likely targets than others. Check the following areas first:

  • Bathrooms
  • Kitchens
  • Basements
  • Beneath or around leaky plumbing

Follow the Signs
If you discover indications of mold, chances are it isn't just on the surface. Part of the reason it is so difficult to remove mold is that it tends to lurk in the dark places behind the walls. Fiberglass insulation, drywall and wood framing are all targets, which means mold cleanup will take more than spraying disinfectant. Wherever you find mold on surfaces, assume that it is elsewhere as well.

Call In the Pros
Once you have identified a problem area, the first thing to do is make arrangements for it to be removed by a professional mold removal company. If the problem is not too widespread, mold remediation might be relatively painless. If the problem has been allowed to fester, however, and mold damage has spread, be prepared for a more intensive process, which could mean loss of property as well as lost business.

Know Your Rights as a Renter
The best way to navigate mold in your rental space is to be direct and open with your landlord so each of you knows what to expect from the other. In the event that the property owner is not cooperative, don't risk your business or further damage. You have rights and protections that ensure that the building owner takes action. Unfortunately, that may mean that it is time to contact a lawyer.
Black mold is an unwanted guest in any commercial space, but with the right help it need not stay long.

3 Tips To Assess Mold Damage in Your Home

11/30/2020 (Permalink)

Black mold on wall Mold damage in a Chicago, IL home

Read On To Learn Three Tips To Completed A Mold Assessment

Your home is a safe retreat for you and your family. As such, you want to ensure it is protected from certain elements of the environment. One common infestation that can spread rapidly is mold.

1. Know What To Look For
One factor that makes identifying mold tricky is that not all species look the same. Mold can appear in a variety of shapes. It can be a small spot resembling soil, a collection of spots or long and thin, resembling vines. Mold also comes in an assortment of colors, including:

  • Neutral shades, such as white and black
  • Neutrals with a green tinge
  • Bright colors, such as purple and pink

While a patch of black mold is easily identifiable, not all developed spores look like this. If you find any growth around your house, turn to a certified mold specialist right away to get your house professionally evaluated and treated.

2. Check Locations Exposed to Water
Certain parts of your Chicago, IL, house are more at risk than others; therefore, even if you do not suspect these places, include them in your mold assessment. Any location that could be exposed to water has an increased chance of damage. Some obvious locations include showers, the area below sinks and windowsills. Less obvious locations are basements and walls, especially if condensation creeps in between the wall and wallpaper.

3. Investigate Your Air Supply
Evidence of mold and mildew can linger in the air you breathe. Therefore, it is important to check your air supply. Look inside exposed vents and around any air conditioner units and fans. If you suspect mold, professionals can test the quality of the air.
Completing a mold assessment does not have to be as tricky as it sounds. If you suspect growth, take action right away. Following the above tips can help determine if your house is experiencing an outbreak.

Quick Facts About Mold and Your Home

10/14/2020 (Permalink)

Mold growth inside closet wall Mold damage in a Rosemont, IL home

Arrange A Mold Inspection As Soon As Possible

The sight of mold in your Rosemont, IL, home can quickly leave you feeling concerned. It's important to remember, at this point, that not all mold is toxic. Even some types of black mold may be non-toxic. However, it can be hard to tell the difference between the "harmless" and the toxic varieties, and even if it isn't toxic to humans, mold can still wreak havoc on your home. This is why it's very important to arrange for a professional mold inspection as soon as possible.

What You Need To Know
The more you know about mold and mildew in your home, the better able you are to take the appropriate cleanup steps. Here are some quick facts about house mold:

  • Mold comes in many colors, such as black, orange, yellow, green, and pink, and textures, including flat-looking, hairy, and bumpy.
  • Spores are carried by your pet, on your clothing, or on a light breeze. It is very easy for spores to spread.
  • These microscopic organisms occur naturally and can thrive in most situations, including areas with extreme temperatures. You can find them inside and outside of your home.
  • Stachybotrys atra is the toxic black mold that you may have heard about. This species of fungus has a slimy, black appearance with a greenish tinge that isn't common in other species.

You may notice the unpleasant smell associated with mildew before you see signs of trouble. With this in mind, consider the value of an annual mold inspection, especially if you live in an area with high humidity.

How Mold Affects Your House
When mold exists outside, one of its primary tasks is breaking down organic substances, a very important natural process. Unfortunately, when this process takes place on the drywall, cement, or wood structures that make up your home, you'll face expensive repairs. Technicians with experience cleaning up house mold can help you avoid a lot of damage, especially if you catch mold growth in its early stages by scheduling a routine mold inspection at least once a year.

5 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth

9/2/2020 (Permalink)

Man cleaning and maintaining plastic guttering Clean your gutters regularly to avoid clogs

5 Ways To Prevent Mold Growth

Fungus exists everywhere, traveling easily into indoor spaces. Usually, the microbes are innocuous, simply living without causing problems; however, that can change when the right elements align. Organic matter, fluid (such as from water damage) and microorganisms spell out a recipe for a mold disaster. Therefore, business owners in Park Ridge, IL, should take care to avoid excess moisture. By doing that, it's less likely that mold reproduction will occur. Here are five ways proprietors can try to ward off unwanted development.

1. Inspect Your Utilities
Keep a keen eye on your faucets and appliance lines. In fact, check them regularly. Sometimes, small leaks can begin, showing as rust or rings. These are subtle signs that liquid is accruing, allowing mold growth to begin. If you notice anything amiss, have a water restoration company immediately evaluate the trouble and mitigate the situation.

2. Ensure Your Property Drains Well
External water damage should be considered. Check the property's drainage plans. The land should be sloped for improved flow. In addition, gutters should help draw rain to appropriate areas. Clean them out regularly to avoid clogs.

3. Invest in Mold-Resistant Products
During renovations or construction, spend a bit more for materials that offer some mold prevention. Both drywall and paint are available, giving you one more step to security.

4. Maintain Good Air Circulation
Humidity should remain between 30 to 60 percent. To achieve this, run your air conditioner regularly. If you still observe an issue, then purchase dehumidifiers. If you have small closets or crawl spaces, look for moisture-absorbent items, providing dryness in harder-to-reach locations.

5. Check the Roof
Overtime small holes can develop, permitting moisture to enter through the shingles. Have a specialist assess the roofing at least twice a year, noting anything amiss. Any abnormalities should be mended. Plus, carefully examine everything, detecting if any internal devastation is present.
Be proactive in your approach. Drier is better, so don't allow water damage to linger.

How To Test for Mold

7/28/2020 (Permalink)

Close-up of person hand wearing gloves measuring wetness of a moldy wall Mold testing in a Rosemont, IL home

Mold can cause a significant amount of damage to your home in Rosemont, IL. Unless you can smell its telltale musty odor, though, it’s not always immediately apparent that you have a fungus growth somewhere in the house. A professional mold assessment can determine whether you need remediation.

Drawbacks of Home Tests

There’s no such thing as a house that doesn’t have any mold present. There are several ways spores can get into your home:

  • Pets
  • Clothes
  • Shoes
  • Bags

If you suspect you have black mold, you may decide to get a testing kit at the hardware store. All that kit is going to tell you is that mold spores are in your home. It doesn’t indicate where, how much, or what kind of fungus is there. To get the results you need to make an informed decision about the next steps to take, you need a professional mold assessment.

Benefits of a Professional Test
When certified mold specialists or environmental hygienists visit your home, they use a much more sophisticated test than you can buy at the store. They take air samples to figure out where the spores are most densely concentrated. This helps them find the location of the growth. A surface test can determine if the growth is mold or some other type of fungus such as mildew. Technicians can also remove items from your house and have them tested in the lab to determine if they can be salvaged. Finally, a culture test can reveal the species of mold that is present. Professional testing gives mold remediation experts the information they need to mitigate the damage to your dwelling and restore it to its former condition.
If you suspect you have a mold problem in your house, a home test isn't going to give you definitive results. A professional mold assessment from a certified environmental hygienist is necessary.

An Initial Assessment Could Reduce Your Claim Expense

6/11/2020 (Permalink)

Drying equipment. Air movers and dehumidifiers SERVPRO high tech content cleaning equipment

An Initial Assessment Could Reduce Your Claim Expense

When storms, fire, or water ravage a building, property owners in Chicago, IL, look to restoration as a chance to regain normalcy. They aren't always sure how to proceed, so they turn to their insurers for guidance. During the first few hours of damage assessment, it's important for both parties to initiate pretesting of the location to gain a true understanding of the magnitude of the repairs needed. This knowledge is pivotal in lowering the overall costs of the claim.

1. Identify the Extent and Type of Damage
Does the property really need a new floor? Was it truly necessary to gut the entire bottom section? During early testing, the experts can guide decisions that are essentials for renovations, verifying the extent of the insurance claim. Not only will the SERVPRO team evaluate where the problem happened, but they can also assess what category of water impacted the rooms and whether state laws deem work should be required. This is documented through photos and paperwork.

2. Minimize Additional Destruction
During pretesting stages, the disaster remediation company focuses on containment, attempting to cut down on unnecessary costs further down the road. The specialists identify the original source of the trouble and determine the possibility of further contamination. With this information, they can locate impacted sections and establish barriers, preventing situations such as mold growth or additional water saturation. Furthermore, they can stop air circulation so that spores do not travel. In addition, they'll ensure that dehumidifiers dry up water-logged walls and floors.

3. Focus on Restoring, not Just Replacing
The bottom line is essential; the insurance agent must balance safety and price. SERVPRO understands that using high tech content cleaning equipment can help to reduce costs and salvage items that otherwise might simply be thrown out. During early evaluations, the crew can identify fixtures and electronics that can be treated and sanitized.
It's about doing a job well and doing it right. Pretesting establishes a foundation for completing the restoration project on time and within a reasonable price.

Preventing Mold-Related Claims

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Black mold in the corner of a window Mold growth on the corner of a window

As a commercial landlord or property owner in Chicago, IL, the law may not be clear regarding requirements to make sure your property is safe to inhabit, especially since a commercial building doesn’t necessarily need to be habitable, per se. Still, it should be fit for planned use. When it comes to mold remediation, you may be responsible as a commercial landlord for not only cleaning the mold, but also repairing the condition that created the standing water from which the fungus developed. You’ll need to check if any existing insurance policies you hold allow you to make mold insurance claims.

Ounce of Prevention Is a Pound of Cure

The best way to avoid a mold claim is by being diligent about preventing fungus from developing at all. As a commercial property owner or manager, you should regularly check for condensation build-up, leaks, faulty drainage at foundations and damaged seals around windows and other openings. Ventilation systems should also be inspected for the presence of mold. Potential warnings for future trouble spots include the following:

  • Water damage, including flooding, busted pipes or fire extinguishment
  • Wet conditions lasting longer than 48 hours
  • Moisture issues such as leaky windows or pipes
  • Moldy or musty odors
  • Structural remodeling or repurposing

Staying on top of these issues goes a long way to avoiding mold insurance claims.

Mold Damage Repair and Restoration
If you suspect you have a mold problem, hire an investigator who can take air samples and is equipped to thoroughly investigate to determine the source and the extent of the problem. Leave the mold cleanup process to a team of trained professionals who are experts when it comes to mold remediation, water damage cleanup, and drying techniques. These experts can respond quickly, minimizing damage, stopping the spread of mold, and reducing the duration of the restoration process. Quick and thorough cleanup may help you reduce the amount of any mold insurance claims or eliminate them altogether.

Getting a Hold on Mold

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Drywall covered with mold, air scrubber present in the room. Concept mold remediation Getting rid of mold in a home

Unlike other home maintenance issues, mold damage is not something you can afford to put off for a rainy day. Ignoring the problem won’t make it go away. In fact, it will get significantly worse. For the average professional mold removal job in Park Ridge, IL, you can spend anywhere from $500 to $6,000; however extensive mold damage can run into the tens of thousands of dollars for remediation. When it comes to eliminating mold, time is really of the essence. Delaying can make all the difference on the cost for cleanup.

Go With a Pro

Although you may be alerted to the presence of mold by seeing it on drywall or wood or by detecting a musty odor, your best move is to hire an independent professional inspector. A pro can take samples and properly determine the extent mold removal required. An inspector should do the following:

  • Have industry-specific credentials
  • Be independent of a mold remediation company
  • Provide a detailed, specific report based on lab and air samples
  • Be objective about findings and not try to promote a particular company or cleanup approach (e.g., black mold removal, professional vs. DIY mold cleanup)

Understand the Inspection Process

A mold investigator may charge from $200 to $600. The job can last from two to six hours, including the taking of air samples. Air samples can cost up to $150 per sample. They may be rolled into the investigator’s price, though, so you should ask about them upfront.
Your walls may be cut so that the investigator can determine how much mold there is. A good inspector will not only tell you what level of mold eradication is necessary but also the source of the issue so you can make repairs. If you need to hire mold cleanup experts, the job can take several days for simple cleaning and drying or up to several weeks if demolition and reconstruction is necessary.
The mold removal process doesn't have to be stressful. By knowing what to expect upfront, you can make educated decisions and enlist helpful professionals who can restore your home in no time.

The Problems Associated With Storm Damage

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River Feale bursts its banks during post-storm flooding Storms bring with them a lot of groundwater from the sea, river flooding, rainfall, and other sources

The Problems Associated With Storm Damage

There is nothing that is more devastating to a homeowner than having to deal with storm damage. However, with calamities such as Hurricane Irma and Harvey following one another in quick succession, many people have to brace themselves to foot the cost of home restoration. Below is a list of the problems which usually follow storm damage, and how damage restoration experts handle them.


Storms bring with them a lot of groundwater from the sea, river flooding, rainfall, and other sources. The flooding problem can become a life and death situation, especially in states that are near the coast. When flooding happens, you should quickly evacuate everyone from the affected areas and move them to safety. Flooding can only be mediated after the storm has passed. Flood pumps are normally used for the water restoration process. The experts will assess the water levels and determine which flood pumps are best for the home restoration.

River flooding

People that live near rivers need to understand that when it rains, river flooding can turn into a groundwater nightmare. The challenging thing about river flooding is that the water will be full of silt, dead organisms and other debris which makes the water category 2 or category 3. You should only allow experts to handle river flooding and the resulting damage. They know the home restoration processes which will remove any dangers connected to contaminated water restoration.

Storm damage

A storm will ruin any structure in its path. Storm damage affects all parts of the house from the roof to the basement. When storm damage has occurred, especially when flood water is involved, you should contact roof repair and restoration experts. They will help you come up with flood water restoration measures to address the problem. As long as a competent storm damage restoration company is working on your behalf, you can be assured that they will try their best to preserve the integrity of your house during home restoration.

Roof damages

Recent hurricanes have featured winds moving at speeds of more than 100mph. When these winds come into contact with structures like houses, they blow off the roofs instantly. These roof damages expose the interior of the house to ice damming and ice damage. If the roof damage or wind damage does not lead to the complete blowing off of the roof, minor issues such as roof leaks will result. The house will then be open to more hail damage and ice damage. Roof repair should be done as soon as damage occurs to protect your house interior from flood water and any further harm.

Frozen pipes

Temperatures can get extremely low after storms. When this happens, frozen pipes will result, and this could lead to bursting, and eventually flood water in the home. Storm restoration for issues caused by frozen pipes should, therefore, start with thawing the pipes to prevent further water flooding in the home. The experts know how to handle frozen pipes during the storm remediation.

Ice dams, ice damage, and hurricane damage

When the storms are blowing in, and the temperatures are low, the rain may fall as small pellets of ice known as hail damage. Sometimes these pellets will be as large as a golf ball. These cause a lot of hurricane damage to windows, roofs and other parts of the house. At times, when it snows, the ice damming will accumulate on the roof and gutters, leading to ice damage and ice dams in the long run. Roof repairs should concentrate on the removal of ice dams, prevent future ice damming and repair damages as part of storm restoration.

The process of storm restoration and storm remediation.

Storm restoration should be done by professionals. These are the only people who you can trust to assess the hurricane damage, roof leaks, river flooding, hail damage, and other catastrophes and come up with a workable plan for storm remediation. Before you consult a certain company for water restoration and flood restoration, you should understand the process which is normally followed:

  • Flood pumps will be brought in to remove water from groundwater.
  • Any roof leaks, roof damage, and wind damage will be resolved by roof repair.
  • All the structures ruined by hurricane damage, wind damage, ice dams, ice damage, and hail damage will be reconstructed. Flood pumps will ultimately be used to clear all the water.

The ultimate aim of groundwater, floodwater, ice damming, and storm remediation. is to take the house to the state it was in before any of the roof leaks, flooding and other wind damage.

Proper Preparation Can Help Prevent Winter Storm Damage

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Snowstorm, snow-covered street and cars with a lonely pedestrian Snowstorm in Chicago, IL

Proper Preparation Can Help Prevent Winter Storm Damage

Before icy winds blow, commercial property owners in Chicago, IL can take steps to prepare for winter storms. Time spent winter-proofing structures can pay big dividends by saving money and time in repair and restoration costs, including for the two most common types of winter storm destruction: frozen pipes and roof damage.

An Ounce of Prevention

When summer ends and the days grow shorter, owners of business buildings should work with a checklist every year to best prepare their properties for the cold months ahead. A few steps taken in time can save many headaches later.

  1. Inspect the exterior. Have a professional check the roof, and repair all damages to rain spouts and drains. Clear the gutters to help prevent ice dams, which can damage property and eventually lead to mold growth.
  2. Take care of trees. Trim trees and bushes near the property to help prevent building damage from ice storms.
  3. Turn up the heat. Keep temperatures throughout commercial structures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius), even in empty or unused rooms, to prevent a pipe burst from causing damage.
  4. Keep it clear. Before properties need repairs after a wintry storm, put arrangements in place to keep access to business structures clear during snowy, icy weather. This includes arranging for snowplows.
  5. Plan for the worst. Preparing for winter storms is not a time for positive thinking or hoping for the best. Think of worst-case scenarios, including frozen pipes, pipe bursts, and roof damage, and write a contingency plan for each one. Inform all team members about the disaster plan.

Disasters Happen

Even with the best preparations for fierce winter storms, damage to commercial properties in Chicago, Illinois can occur. When it does, building owners should notify their insurance companies and also call in restoration specialists who can quickly assess the situation and begin repairs. The right professionals can make the damage seem to disappear. 

Why Professional Storm Damage Restoration is Critical

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Air movers placed in a home, drying up affected area after storm damage. Concept of storm restoration Storm restoration in a home

Why Professional Storm Damage Restoration is Critical

When there has been a storm of any level, homeowners need to look at overcoming storm damage. The damage could be in the form of ice dams, frozen pipes, flooding, and much more. A homeowner can start on storm remediation. However, storm restoration should be handled by professionals.

There's often a lot that happens after a storm. There could be hurricane damage, hail damage, wind damage, roof damage, and other problems. There could also be river flooding and a lot of ground water.

If there is river flooding, it's important for a water restoration company to come out with a flood pump. It will ensure that the ground water doesn't have the opportunity to ruin too many things in the home. This is the problem that homeowners deal with if they don't ask for professional help with storm restoration. They don't have the flood pump and the means to deal with flood water from river flooding.

If hurricane damage, wind damage, hail damage, and other forms of storm damage are not caught early on, it can result in problems for the home. There might be flooding that isn't caught early enough. If homeowners don't use a flood pump, ground water could seep into the foundation, result in mold and mildew, and much more.

A home restoration company can come in to examine ice damage, hail damage, roof damage, wind damage, hurricane damage, and more. They can identify the cause of frozen pipes, the reason for ice damming, and more. If there is an ice dam, it should be addressed. If homeowners ignore an ice dam or don't see an ice dam, it could lead to big problems.

A company can also help with storm remediation. Many people forget about the concept of storm remediation. It's important to look at river flooding, ice damming, and other things to see how to get the problem under control. It will make it easier to work on storm restoration.

There's a lot going on after any kind of hurricane damage, ice damage, or hail damage. A home restoration company will work to improve the look of the home. It begins by cleaning up all of the mess, fixing a roof leak, making a needed roof repair, and clearing out an ice dam. If there is ice damming or frozen pipes, professionals will know what needs to be done.

In some instances, it's possible to make improvements to the home so that problems don't arise again. For example, re-routing pipes can prevent frozen pipes. A good roof repair can prevent a roof leak. It might also be possible to strengthen windows so they are less likely to break after hail damage.

All sorts of things can happen when there is a storm. However, home restoration companies are capable of dealing with water restoration and storm restoration. They know how to deal with flooding and significant amounts of flood water. They can use a flood pump as part of the water restoration process. They can also get started with storm remediation.

The sooner professionals are brought in to help with river flooding and home restoration as a whole, the easier it is for a home to look its best.

Some homeowners see calling in professionals as an expense. However, it's most often a way to save money when there is the need to fix flooding, ice damage, roof damage, and more. A roof leak can be difficult to fix. Calling in people who know how to handle a roof repair will make it easier for a problem to be handled correctly.

What looks like a little storm damage could be a lot more. If a DIY goes wrong, it costs more to fix the ice damage or anything else going on. Storm damage, whether it's in the form of roof damage, flood water, or something else has to be dealt with. A solid roof repair will prevent a roof leak down the road.

Homeowners need to be realistic about wind damage and what else can occur from storms. There might be the need to deal with ground water and other flood water in the neighborhood. Whatever is going on, it's best to let a professional storm damage restoration company deal with water restoration and other issues.

We are Cleaning Experts

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hand on door handle Give us a call today!

SERVPRO is Here to Help during this time of need 

During this unprecedented time caused by the global pandemic of coronavirus, this is a reminder to our customers that we are specialists in cleaning services, and we adhere to the highest cleaning and sanitation standards. 

Specialized Training 

We are prepared to clean and disinfect your home or business, according to protocols set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. We have years of experience in dealing with biological contaminants, and we will go beyond the scope of work that regular janitorial staff perform on a daily basis. 

The CDC encourages cleaning of high-touch surfaces such as counters, tabletops, doorknobs, light switches, bathroom fixtures, toilets, phones, keyboards, tablets and tables. Other spaces mentioned in the CDC’s guidance for commercial spaces include: 

  • Kitchen/Food Areas 
  • Bathrooms 
  • Schools/Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Retail Spaces 
  • Water Fountains 
  • Shelving/Racks 
  • Sales Counters 
  • Carpets and Rugs 
  • Stair Handrails 
  • Elevator Cars 
  • Playground Equipment 
  • Fitness Equipment 

Specialized Products 

The CDC recommends usage of a labeled hospital-grade disinfectant with claims against similar pathogens to the coronavirus. Multiple products in the SERVPRO product line carry the EPA-approved emerging pathogens claims. While there is currently no product tested against this particular strain of the coronavirus, we are following all guidelines as provided by the CDC and local authorities. 

Call Today for a Proactive Cleaning 

If your home or business needs deep cleaning services, call the experts today – SERVPRO of Park Ridge, N. Rosemont & S. Des Plaines- (847) 795-9200

3 Ways SERVPRO Can Help With the Claims Process

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The back of a SERVPRO truck opened, loaded with many equipment. Commercial water restoration service in Rosemont, IL

Three Ways These Professionals Can Help With the Claims Process

When it comes to protecting your Rosemont, IL, business you want to know that the professionals you work with can help make the process easier if a disaster should strike. Fortunately, the crew of your local SERVPRO can not only take care of a variety of damage types but offer claim services as well. Here are three ways these professionals can help with the claims process.

1. They Act Quickly

When it comes to damage to your business a quick emergency response time can play a role in preventing additional loss. The faster the damage can be cleaned up and restored the less overall damage the structure may face. A quick response time may also be important for getting your business up and running again after a disaster, meaning fewer profit losses as well.

2. They Have an Electronic Inventory Service

After a flooding or fire, it can be important to document everything. This includes making lists of damaged items and areas, along with photographing everything. Once the claim services offered by SERVPRO professionals is an electronic inventory system which can be used to keep track of all these things.

3. They Help You Access Your Claims Information
Staying up to date on damages and restoration progress can help both you and your insurance agent know what's going on. The ability to track and access this information electronically can also help streamline this process. The electronic inventory system offered by your local service makes both things possible.
Not only does your local SERVPRO act quickly to help prevent further damage, but they also offer several claim services which may help as well. Their electronic inventory system keeps lists of damaged items as well as photographs of the affected area. These professionals can use this system to help you keep track of, and access, any information your insurance agent may need.

Smoke and Soot: The Damaging After effects of a Fire

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Two tea pots covered with smoke and soot The #professionals at SERVPRO can take care of soot and smoke damage.

Smoke and Soot: The Damaging After effects of a Fire

The smallest of fires, even it isn’t at your Chicago, IL, business can lead to smoke damage and soot damage. Although the flames may be gone, the high acidic levels of smoke and soot can penetrate into materials and leave long-lasting effects.

Rapid Damage

Within minutes of a fire, smoke and soot are already beginning to damage your property. As soon as the fire is out and everyone is safe, making preparations for smoke cleaning and restoration are keys to getting your business back to normal. If left unchecked, the damage timeline can be extensive.

  • During the first few minutes, walls, plastics and porous materials will become stained.
  • Within hours, the acidic properties of soot and smoke can begin to affect metals, grout and other materials.
  • After a few days, stains can become permanent corrosion and rust can begin forming. Porous materials, such as flooring and upholstery, will likely need to be replaced.
  • As weeks go by, without proper cleaning, it can result in the loss of furniture, electronics and other supplies, as well as require more extensive repairs to walls, flooring, ceilings and other structural materials.

The Cleanup

Luckily, staying on the ball and contacting a fire restoration specialist can keep smoke damage from becoming permanent. They will do an assessment of the damage and work with you to get your business back up and running as quickly as possible. After the assessment, a professional will have the tools and expertise to begin the cleanup process.
While not everything may be salvageable, the right cleaning process can eliminate the smoke odors. The pros use various methods for cleaning, which will depend on the item, including dry, wet, spray, foam, abrasive and immersion. These professional methods can possibly save electronics, furniture, documents and more.
Instead of dealing with a fire’s aftermath alone, count on a professional to guide you through the process. They can help reduce the lingering effects of smoke damage, making it seem “Like it never even happened”.

4 Factors That May Affect the Cost of Mold Cleanup

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mold on wallpaper Call the professionals for your mold remediation in Chicago, IL.

Finding a mold infestation in your Chicago, IL home can be distressing. Not only can most types of fungi spread quickly, but mold removal can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars if the problem is not rectified properly. If you are dealing with this issue in your home, you may want to be aware of a few factors that could affect cleanup costs.

The Depth of the Infestation

One major factor that could impact the cost of mold cleanup is the severity of the infestation. For example, having a basement wall stripped of several patches of fungi will likely be less costly than removing mold from the interior of your home’s drywall. Because mold can spread quickly, it is wise to call in experienced mold remediation technicians as soon as you discover its presence.

Mold Type

Some kinds of mold can be stubborn and may not respond to everyday household cleansers. One such type is black mold, which commonly forms after a flood or in areas that remain consistently damp. As such, black mold removal is best left to a professional removal and remediation service to ensure the infestation is removed completely and permanently.


The severity of mold damage can be affected by what caused it to grow in the first place. Most growths are encouraged by high humidity and the presence of moisture, so you may find mold in rooms affected by a flood, such as a bathroom where a tub or toilet recently overflowed. If the flooding was severe, then you may find yourself facing a higher cleanup cost.


The longer mold is allowed to remain on a surface, the more chances it has to grow and spread. Black mold can be especially quick to develop, but you may be able to keep costs low by having it removed by black mold cleanup technicians as soon as you find it in your home.

Mold removal costs for your Chicago, IL home can vary due to different factors. While you may not be able to control them all, knowing where to look for fungi and keeping moisture levels low may help control the expense.

How to undertake restoration emergencies

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When your in need of water restoration, call the professionals.

Since the prospect of water damage in a building can be extremely stressful, it is vital to have as much information as possible. A faulty plumbing system can cause leakages that might result in extensive damages. The following tips will enable you to deal with such a problem in a better way:

Address the problem immediately

Remember that as the water seeps into the wooden furniture and floors, it can lead to huge losses. Before you contact your insurance company, it's important to turn off the water to stop the leak. An emergency plumber can repair the leak. Once the leak has stopped it is important to remove the water as fast as possible. SERVPRO of Park Ridge, N. Rosemont & S. Des Plaines has the necessary extraction equipment to remove most of the excess water. We also have the drying equipment that will remove the rest of water from wet surfaces. Water damage can be extremely costly to repair, but if you tackle the problem quickly, you can prevent the loss from becoming more costly.

Mold Growth Prevention

Water cleanup is the best way to reduce the impact of the mold growth in business floors and furniture. The sure way to prevent mold growth is to dry the building completely. By eliminating the water, you will keep the mold spores from having the moisture they need to grow. Acting promptly after a water loss is the best way to prevent mold growth. In addition, failure to remove the water in home floors and other wooden surfaces can lead to significant destruction and possible mold growth. 

Contact your insurance company

If you do not have a policy for water damage, you might have to handle the repair costs alone. Insuring your home against water damage will help you to cut the cost of restoration significantly. While the insurance company will help you with the restoration, you must also take the mitigation seriously. If your home insurance policy does not cover the cost of flood damage, you will struggle to undertake the restoration and repair jobs.

Water cleanup and drying

Water cleanup in the quest to avert the flood damage can save you a huge amount of money. If you experience the damage of water in home or office surfaces, ensure that you engage a specialist to tackle the problem. The pollution levels of the water in home storage tanks will also have an impact on the damage. If the water in business reservoirs and tanks has some impurities, they can affect the wooden surfaces in a negative way.

Whenever you want to mitigate the negative effects flood damage, water cleanup is the priority. Whether you are experiencing the leakages of water in business premises or at home, you require the help of a competent contractor. The contractor will remove the damaged elements and salvage some materials to save money. Drying the wet wood can help to reduce the overall cost of restoration compared to undertaking an overhaul.

Flood damage mitigation

The best way to protect you home from such problems is to come up with the right mitigation measures. While you may not have the special drying equipment, you can avoid the problems by repairing your plumbing system. Replacing a faulty faucet is one of the best mitigation measures if you are looking to save on home restoration significantly. Reduce the damage by water in business furniture by taking the right measures to mitigate the problem.

Avoiding the future leakages

Stopping a leakage before it occurs is your best defense against the problem. A competent contractor will take the necessary precautions while repairing your home to prevent such damage in the future. Applying varnish and sealants in the wooden surfaces can help to reduce the seepage. Some of the most prevalent causes of water damage are:

• Leaking roofs
• Burst pipes
• Flawed door and window installations
• Leaking and broken water lines
• Leaking toilets
• Leaking faucets
• Faulty water reservoirs

Visit us for more information on water damage.

What Storm Services Does SERVPRO Provide?

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Storm restoration by SERVPRO of Park Ridge

A storm can cause a great deal of stress for property owners and insurance adjusters in Park Ridge, IL. Storm restoration services should provide relief rather than causing more frustration. Rely on a company that offers a wide range of services and responds Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Fast Response

SERVPRO can arrive at a location more quickly than other mitigation companies. The franchise model prioritizes timely storm response and site visits in several ways:

  • Local franchises
  • National corporate support
  • Call response within one hour
  • On site within four hours

A local franchise can be on location within a matter of hours. If a severe storm increases the volume of service requests in an area, nearby franchises can help to manage the workload.

Damage Mitigation

Certified damage mitigation and storm restoration professionals are prepared for almost any disaster. The Disaster Recovery Team has the expertise and equipment necessary to handle most incidents:

  • Flood damage
  • Hurricanes
  • Tornadoes
  • Storm surges
  • Winter storms
  • Wildfires

SERVPRO can mitigate damage from inclement weather or disasters as soon as possible. Whether standing water needs to be pumped out of a structure or a building has suffered severe damage, disaster mitigation and restoration services are available at the same one-stop shop.

Complete Restoration

After mitigation measures have been taken to limit the damage, restoration is still necessary. A company that provides both mitigation and restoration services can deliver a more complete estimate. This can prevent unexpected costs or delays later on in the process. SERVPRO also uploads information to an electronic Claims Information Center to make processing and settling claims easier for insurance agents and adjusters.

All of these services set SERVPRO apart from other mitigation and restoration companies located inPark Ridge, IL. Property owners and insurance agents who are in need of storm restoration services should rely on a one-stop shop capable of responding quickly to any incident.

Fire Damage

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If your in need of a fire restoration company, call us today!

Fire Damage Restoration

If you have ever seen the aftermath of commercial fire damage, a fire in home or fire in business, well, it's not a pretty site! Fire damage is not only deadly it can disrupt families as well. And if you live near a fire engine building and you hear a siren on a regular basis, you know that some person or family may be in the process of being introduced to some type of fire loss, smoke damage, soot damage and a sudden monolithic change in their air quality.

They will also be looking at a disturbing fire cleanup that will cost them money. Is Your Crystal Ball Still Working? Some people who have never been involved in any type of fire damage like a fire in home, fire in business, commercial fire damage or any other type of fire loss, may chalk that up to those visits to a psychic and that magic crystal ball she uses. Sounds good, but that won't help if Mother Nature has her way.

The only certain way you get the jump on fire damage like a fire in home, fire in business, or commercial fire damage, is to make attempts to not let a fire loss, soot damage, or smoke damage ruin your day in the first place. One major step is to educate you and all family members on the cause of these conundrums.

Soot Damage, Smoke Damage Plus Fire Cleanup Can Ruin Air Quality! Any type of fire damage that includes fire cleanup will without a doubt, disturb your air quality. That said, keep in mind that you do have some parachutes at your disposal to keep fire loss, fire damage, fire restoration, a fire in home or fire in business or commercial fire damage to a minimum. Several of those parachutes belong to fire cleanup professionals who handle soot damage, smoke damage for a living.

Fire damage and fire loss as well as restoration is not for a "rookie" like your Uncle Fred who told you he knows all about that stuff. So, leave him out and use a professional. Fires Are Especially Devastating To Homes And Businesses! Professionals will insure that your carpet and upholstery are cared for plus that fire loss and fire cleanup smell (odor) is gone which is a major consideration since that smelly soot damage and smoke damage has a tendency to hang around long after the fire trucks leave. Professional who handle a fire in home, fire in business or commercial fire damage will do their best to insure the air quality, and fire cleanup is restored to a pre-fire condition. And while these professionals are at it, they will make sure that you and all members of your family will not be required to use any more of those white surgical masks that work to keep you breathing good air quality, not smoke damage or soot damage. In the future make attempts to be prepared and think the boy scouts motto: Be Prepared.

Visit for more information on fire damage.

Mold Removal and Remediation

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Mold Removal and Remediation and What it Means

Mold is more common than most people think and just because they don't readily see it all of the time doesn't mean that it is not there. It grows from tiny, microscopic spores that it puts off and these spores float through the air until they land in a nurturing spot where it can grow.

It needs an area that is dark, has no moving air, and has a source of moisture to take root and grow. Ideal spots are basements, crawl spaces, attics, closets, behind walls where there are pipes leaking and similar spots. It starts out as a small, microbial growth and it will cover an entire wall and ceiling in a matter of a week.

Mold can look just like a fungus or mildew, but it is far more pervasive and dangerous. It can grow in the midst of mildew and fungus, and it could be disguised by that. It comes in various colors from red, green, red, brown, white, yellow and black. Black is the most insidious as it is the most difficult to get rid of and it seems to be more toxic.

People should not attempt to remove it themselves because that just stirs up the spores and can cause it to spread more rapidly and to be in the air more which can be more unhealthy to those around the area. If mold is suspected a homeowner or business owner should call in professional help, headed by an environmental hygienist, who can examine the substance and determine whether or not it is mildew, fungus, or a moldy area.

A formal mold cleanup and mitigation project should be arranged with an environmental hygienist at the helm. This will ensure that the proper steps will be taken and that no one's health will be compromised. The environmental hygienist and the accompanying workers will wear protective clothing and masks which will prevent contamination of clothing and avoidance of breathing the spores into the breathing passages.

The microbial growth of the corpus of the substance can occur quite rapidly, and this growth can put off spores that can be dangerous quickly. That is why the sooner mold cleanup and mitigation can take place the better.

The environmental hygienist can determine exactly what kind of mold is present and will prescribe the exact treatment that will not only get rid of the substance but will also prevent is from recurring. It is not uncommon for a mold cleanup and mitigation to have entire rooms torn down and reappointed from wall to ceiling, carpeting, and furniture was thrown out and everything refurbished.

Many times areas that are full of mildew and fungus are hiding the microbial growth of moldy areas, so those areas are dealt with accordingly. Once the areas where the infestation is identified and labeled, the mold cleanup and mitigation can proceed, and everything is made as new.

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Testing To Assess Mold Damage in Your Home

3/5/2019 (Permalink)

Eliminating mold in a Park Ridge, IL home

Mold Assessment

Any level of mold in a home can be alarming, and while there are times when it may be safe to remediate the problem on your own, most instances require professional assistance. That being said, there are a variety of mold assessment choices that can alert you to not only the presence of mold but what type of mold it is. Keep in mind, however, that while not all mold is life-threatening, it can still be problematic.

1. Test Kits

There are several mold test kits available for consumer purchase. These kits do not cost as much as a professional assessment and typically require you to take a sample of the suspected mold, sending it away to a lab and waiting for your results.

2. Mold Varieties

A mold assessment will attempt to determine the mold species and its level of toxicity to humans. Therefore, an evaluation will try to determine whether the environment is safe for mold remediation. While it may be disconcerting, high levels of mold infestation, especially when deemed to be toxic black mold or other harmful varieties, may result in the condemning of a property. For that reason, you should never jump into a mold cleanout.

3. Air and Surface Testing

While mildew is a surface problem, mold can be a surface and air problem because of spores, which is why performing multiple tests are often required. Additionally, knowing the level of airborne spores means that you can take the appropriate safety precautions before cleaning and removing materials.

4. Professional Help

A mold remediation specialist in the Park Ridge, IL, area is the best qualified to perform mold removal because they have the certifications and experience to handle potentially toxic materials safely. When you have a mold problem in your home, it is necessary to handle contaminated materials carefully to reduce the risk of spread, which is why professionals are best.

While a mold assessment can be performed on your own for less expense, it may not be the best decision. Trust a professional and protect yourself.

CIC and ReportER: How SERVPRO Is Helping the Insurance Industry

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

Using the CIC system through SERVPRO is likely the quickest and most reliable way to go.

How SERVPRO Is Helping The Insurance Industry

Researching an insurance claim is a large part of an insurance adjuster’s job, and that process can be slowed down by unreliable sources or other time-consuming issues. While there are many ways for an agent in the Park Ridge, IL area to verify and estimate payout, using the CIC system through SERVPRO is likely the quickest and most reliable way to go.

1. Claims Storage and Organization

For an insurance agent, it is about receiving reliable information and being able to get that information in a quick and organized way. The CIC, or Claims Information Center, gives agents the ability to search for claims by type and location within one platform, meaning that they can perform tasks quicker and more efficiently.

2. Database and Structure

The database is called ReportER and is accessed through the Managed Dashboard, allowing agents to use the CIC. These tools provide the necessary structure for the CIC to be not only useful but effective. Insurers are able to upload an insurance claim and check the progress throughout the life of the restoration.

3. Accessibility and Ease of Use

The entire system that SERVPRO has developed is designed to simplify the claims process for agents and making it approachable through the Managed Dashboard. It is here that insurers can review claims and other working projects, allowing them to compile all significant information in one place.

The research involved in the insurance claim process can be incredibly time-consuming, but when an agent is inundated with unreliable sources, the process becomes unproductive. To ensure that an agent is equipped with the right data sets, it is important for them to start with the right tools, but more importantly, it is necessary to be able to track their progress. The Claims Information Center allows for all this and more. With the incorporated Managed Dashboard and the ReportER database, an agent has everything they’ll ever need.