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The Importance of Air Quality Testing After Fire Damage

4/17/2024 (Permalink)

SERVPRO working on fire remediation In this blog, we will explore why air quality testing is crucial after fire damage and provide insights into how it is conducted.

After experiencing a fire in your home, the importance of thorough fire remediation cannot be overstated. One crucial step in the process is air quality testing, which plays a vital role in ensuring that the indoor environment is safe and free from fire-related contaminants. In this blog, we will explore why air quality testing is crucial after fire damage and provide insights into how it is conducted.

Why is Air Quality Testing Important After Fire Damage?

  • Identification of Hidden Contaminants: Fires release a myriad of pollutants into the air, including smoke, soot, and chemical residues. These microscopic particles can remain suspended in the indoor air for an extended period. Air quality testing helps identify the presence and concentration of these hidden contaminants, ensuring a thorough fire damage remediation process.
  • Assurance of Safety: Fire-related contaminants can pose risks to occupants, even without considering health issues. Air quality testing provides reassurance that the indoor environment is safe for occupants to return. It ensures that the potential for exposure to harmful particles is minimized, promoting peace of mind.
  • Documentation and Insurance Claims: Air quality testing provides valuable documentation of the post-fire condition of the indoor environment. This documentation is important for insurance purposes, helping to substantiate damage claims related to the fire incident.

How is Air Quality Testing After Fire Damage Conducted?

  • Initial Assessment: Trained professionals, such as the experts at SERVPRO, will conduct an initial assessment of the fire-damaged area to determine the scope of the testing required. This assessment includes evaluating the extent of fire and smoke damage and identifying potential areas of concern.
  • Sampling Strategy: Based on the assessment, the professionals will develop a sampling strategy to collect air samples from specific locations. They may also utilize surface swabs to test for residue and soot particles on various surfaces.
  • Air Sampling: Air samples are collected using specialized equipment, such as air pumps and collection devices, designed to capture and collect airborne particles. These samples may be collected in specific rooms, near ventilation systems, or within void spaces.
  • Laboratory Analysis: The collected air samples are sent to a qualified laboratory for analysis. Trained technicians analyze the samples to determine the presence and concentration of fire-related contaminants, such as soot, smoke particles, and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).
  • Interpretation of Results: Once the laboratory analysis is complete, the professionals will interpret the results and provide a comprehensive report. This report will outline the findings, including the identification of any contaminants and their concentration levels. It will serve as a guide for implementing appropriate fire damage remediation measures.

Air quality testing after fire damage is of utmost importance to ensure the safety and well-being of occupants returning to a fire-affected property. It helps identify hidden contaminants, assures safety, and serves as documentation for insurance claims. Expert professionals, like those at SERVPRO®, conduct thorough assessments, develop sampling strategies, and analyze air samples to provide accurate results. By investing in air quality testing after fire damage, you can have the peace of mind of knowing that your indoor environment is safe and that the fire damage remediation process will be thorough and effective.

Why Post Fire Air Quality Testing Is Important

11/13/2023 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee cleaning a commercial kitchen post fire. Even after the flames are extinguished, the air quality in your home or business may be compromised by smoke, soot, and ash particles.

Fires can be incredibly destructive, leaving behind not only visible damage but also invisible threats to yourself and your property. Even after the flames are extinguished, the air quality in your home or business may be compromised by smoke, soot, and ash particles. In this blog, we'll discuss the importance of post-fire air quality testing and what you need to know to protect your indoor environment and well-being.

Understanding the Need for Post-Fire Air Quality Testing

After a fire incident, the environment inside your property may contain hazardous particles that can affect you and others on your property. This includes:

Smoke Residue 

Smoke from a fire produces tiny particles and chemicals that can be harmful to breathe in. These particles can settle on surfaces and in the air, causing respiratory issues and other problems.

Soot and Ash

Soot and ash can contain toxic substances, including heavy metals and carcinogens. They can infiltrate your indoor air, posing risks and further property damage.

Residue in HVAC Systems

Smoke and soot can also infiltrate your HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems. If not properly cleaned and assessed, these systems can continue to distribute pollutants throughout your property.

Why Post-Fire Air Quality Testing is Essential

Identifying Risks 

Post-fire air quality testing helps identify the presence of harmful substances in the indoor air. This knowledge is crucial for understanding potential risks and taking appropriate action.

Assessing the Extent of Contamination

Testing allows professionals to assess the extent of contamination in your property. This information guides the cleanup and restoration process.

Customized Cleanup

Knowing the specific contaminants present allows for a tailored approach to cleanup and restoration, ensuring thorough removal and mitigation.

Insurance Claims

Detailed air quality testing reports can be valuable when filing insurance claims for post-fire restoration. They provide clear evidence of the need for professional cleanup.

What to Expect During Post-Fire Air Quality Testing

A professional restoration company like SERVPRO® will start with a consultation to understand the extent of the fire damage and your concerns. Air samples will be collected from various areas in your property, including areas affected by the fire and areas seemingly unaffected. The samples are sent to a certified laboratory for analysis, where experts will identify the presence of hazardous substances. Based on the analysis, you'll receive a detailed report outlining the findings and recommendations for cleanup and restoration.

Post-fire air quality testing is a crucial step in the recovery process after a fire incident. It provides essential information to protect yourself and others, customize the restoration process, and support insurance claims. If you've experienced a fire in your home or business, don't underestimate the importance of this critical step. Contact SERVPRO for professional post-fire air quality testing and comprehensive restoration services to ensure a safe and healthy indoor environment. Your well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities.

Lightning Strikes: Can They Really Start a House Fire?

4/22/2023 (Permalink)

fire damage house When disaster strikes, give SERVPRO a call.

When you hear the word "lightning," what do you think of? If you're like most people, it's probably something along the lines of a bright flash in the sky followed by a loud crack--and then maybe some rain. But lightning is more than just a dramatic event; it can also cause serious damage to your home and even start fires.

In this article, we'll explain what lightning is and how it can cause house fires if left unchecked by proper safety measures. We'll also cover some ways that homeowners can protect themselves against this natural phenomenon so they don't have to worry about their homes being damaged or destroyed by fire caused by lightning strikes during storms!

What is Lightning?

Lightning is a sudden electrostatic discharge that occurs during a thunderstorm. It's caused by the build-up of positive and negative charges in the atmosphere, which causes electrons to move rapidly between atoms. This creates an electrical current that travels down through clouds as well as earth, causing them to glow brightly.

Lightning can strike anywhere in the world but it's most common in tropical regions where there are lots of thunderstorms and rainforest trees with high moisture content that act as good conductors for electricity (this means they allow electricity to flow easily through them).

What is a house fire?

A house fire is a fire that occurs in a building, such as a home or apartment. A house fire can be caused by several things, including faulty wiring or appliances that are not properly maintained. The most common causes of house fires are careless smoking and cooking accidents.

How can lightning start a house fire?

Lightning can strike a home directly, causing damage to the structure and starting a fire. Lightning can also strike nearby objects and ignite them, such as trees or cars. In addition, lightning striking power lines can cause sparks that start fires in homes with faulty wiring or other problems with their electrical system.

Preventing a House Fire Caused by Lightning

Lightning rods are a great way to prevent lightning from striking your home. They can be installed on the roof of your house, and they will channel any electrical charges that hit it away from the structure.

In addition to installing lightning rods, you should also try to avoid using electronics during storms. If you're not going to be able to unplug these appliances before a storm arrives (for example, if they have an automatic shutoff feature), make sure they're plugged into surge protectors or surge suppressors so that any power surges caused by lightning strikes won't damage them as much.

What to Do If Your Home is Struck by Lightning

If your home is struck by lightning, it's important to evacuate and call 911. After the storm has passed, check for any fire damage and electrical damage. If you notice any smoke or flames, get out of your house immediately--and don't go back inside until emergency responders have cleared it.

Insurance and Property Damage

If lightning strikes your home, the damage can be extensive. To ensure that you are covered and that your insurance company pays for repairs, it's important to check your policy and contact them immediately.

You should also document any damage as soon as possible after a strike: take photos of any visible damage; make notes about what happened (when did it happen? where were you when it happened?); record how long it took for power to return; and keep receipts for any expenses related to cleanup or repairs.

Lightning can start a house fire, but it's not the only thing that can. If you're prepared for the worst and have insurance coverage in place, then you can rest assured that your home will be protected from damage caused by natural disasters like lightning strikes.

If you want to learn more about how to protect yourself from lightning-related damages, contact us today!

How to Deal with Mold After a Fire

1/10/2023 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a home After a fire, a professional restoration company can remediate any mold that remains and restore your property.

How to Deal with Mold After a Fire

Removing mold from your Rosemont, IL home after a fire can be a complicated process. Whether the fire was caused by an electrical issue or an industrial accident, it's important to get your property back to its original state as quickly as possible. In this blog post, we'll explain how you can deal with post-fire mold growth and what to expect when working with professional restoration services.

How Does Mold Grow?

You may be asking yourself, "How does mold grow?" The answer is simple. Mold needs moisture, oxygen, and organic material to grow. You can find these requirements in many different places. For example:

  • Mold spores are everywhere! They're in the air and on surfaces (like walls and floors) all around us. Even if you don't see any visible signs of mold growth yet, it could still be growing behind closed doors or inside walls where no one can see it without taking a closer look.
  • Molds also live in the soil and plants that we use every day such as fruits and veggies.

Identifying Mold Species

Mold is a fungus that grows in warm, moist environments. Mold spores are microscopic and float in the air, so they can be found in water damage, fire damage, or flood damage.

The first step to identifying mold species is to examine your home for signs of moisture. If you have a flooded basement or attic after a fire, there may be standing water on the floor or walls that needs to be removed before it can cause mold growth. You'll also want to make sure any wet items like clothing and furniture are properly dried out before they contribute to mold growth as well.

Preventing Mold Growth in Your Home

To prevent mold growth in your home, keep the humidity level below 50% by using a dehumidifier. This will help get rid of excess moisture and reduce the chances that any mold spores will have enough water to grow.

If there's been extensive water damage, make sure to clean up immediately and dry out all affected areas with fans if necessary. You should also lower the temperature in your house so that it stays below 70 degrees F during this process — this will slow down the reproduction rate of any molds present in your home after smoke from fires has spread into them.

Tips for Preventing Mold After a Fire

Mold can be a major hazard, so it's important to take steps to prevent mold from growing after a fire. Here are some tips for preventing mold growth:

  • Keep the area dry. If you have access to water, use it on any wet items in your home as soon as possible. If you don't have access to water, find other ways of keeping moisture out of your home.
  • Use a dehumidifier if needed. You may need to use a dehumidifier if there is excessive moisture in the air after the fire has been extinguished and all other sources of water have been removed from the area. 
  • Open windows and doors whenever possible - especially during warmer seasons - so that fresh air can circulate throughout your property instead of stagnating inside closed spaces.

The Importance of Professional Services

While you may be tempted to tackle the cleanup yourself, it’s important to remember that proper mold remediation is a specialized skill. Mold remediation requires specialized equipment, training, and certification, as well as experience for the job to be done properly.

A professional restoration service can remediate any leftover mold and restore your home after a fire.

If you’ve experienced a fire, you want to ensure that your home is as safe and clean as possible. A professional restoration service can perform mold remediation, which will remove any remaining mold left in your home. Remediation is a complex process that requires specialized equipment and training. It also requires individuals with experience in performing this type of work to avoid further damage to your property or issues for yourself or family members. If you are looking for help in restoring your home after fire damage, it’s important that you hire someone who has experience in the field — this way, they will be able to prevent unnecessary problems before they arise while still getting the job done effectively.

If you think you might have a mold problem after a fire, it’s important to take action right away. In addition to the risks that mold can pose, it can also cause damage to your home and personal belongings. If you don’t address this problem immediately then it could result in serious financial losses down the road. The best way to avoid these problems is by contacting a professional restoration service immediately after discovering any signs of mold in your Rosemont, IL home.

4 Steps To Restore a Fire-Damaged Home

7/25/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a home Fire Damage in a home

Four Steps To Help You Get Back In Your Own Home As Quickly As Possible

Most people have practiced fire drills since elementary school, and many have developed family plans in their own homes. Fewer families in Park Ridge, IL, have taken the next step: getting emotionally and physically prepared for what happens following a home fire, such as the need to contact a fire restoration company to restore their home to the way they remember ASAP. Here are four steps that can help every family get back in their own home as quickly as possible.

1. Be Prepared
It is a great idea to prepare in advance for any disaster by developing a family emergency plan. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Memorize your emergency contact numbers
  • Practice home fire drills
  • Take pictures every year of each room
  • Have digital copies of photographs and home movies

2. Stop Further Damage

When that horrible event happens, the damage can be devastating. When there has been a large fire, the home may need immediate attention to protect the interior from further loss. This may require boarding up windows and doors or closing up the roof. The water from the fire truck also needs to be removed and dried out as soon as possible to prevent mold and mildew.

3. Remove Soot and Smoke

Smoke damage and soot need to be carefully and thoroughly removed. Every surface in the home may have been affected and will require specialized equipment. A professional process to clean each item is crucial to successful fire restoration.

4. Repair and Restore

Once the damage cleaning is finished, the rebuilding really begins. New materials replace those that were damaged or lost, including flooring and appliances. Necessary repairs to plumbing and electrical fixtures need to be completed. Everything else should be restored so each family will feel "at home" again.
Prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Having a plan in place may help to avoid the loss of valuable photographs and family mementos in a home fire or flood. Whether or not there is a disaster, having a fire restoration plan in place just might add some extra comfort to each family.

3 Steps in the Fire Damage Restoration Process

6/9/2022 (Permalink)

Fire Damage in a home If you have fire damage in your Park Ridge, IL call professionals in the fire restoration process.

The Fire Damage Restoration Process Has Three Steps

A fire in your Park Ridge, IL, home can cause catastrophic damage that you won't be able to handle yourself. Fire damage services will use specialized cleaners and tools to ensure they remove all traces of the fire and restore your home to new. Here are three steps that professionals take in the fire restoration process. 

1. Board-Up the House

Fires can easily knock out windows and burn holes in the walls and roof of your home. When these access points aren't closed up, people and animals can easily get into your home and do more damage. The restoration professionals will secure strong boards over any missing doors and holes in the walls. They will also use tarps to cover holes in the roof to keep the weather from getting inside. 

2. Remove Smoke Damage

When not treated and removed correctly, damage from smoke can irreparably harm surfaces and might be impossible to remove entirely. The professionals will remove and catalog all the damaged items they take out of the home. In the next step of the damage cleaning process, they'll remove all traces of smoke and soot from the home and clean and sanitize everything to ensure the smoke smell doesn't return. 

3. Complete Restoration Construction

The final stage in the fire restoration process is to restore your home to the way it was before the fire. Construction services you need could be replacing electrical components damaged in the fire, fixing holes in the walls, or replacing smoke-damaged or destroyed sheetrock. The restoration company will work directly with your insurance company to ensure that you know exactly what is covered and what isn't. 

Dealing with the aftermath of a home fire can be a lengthy, stressful process. However, when you rely on fire restoration services, you can rest assured knowing that everything is being handled appropriately. 

3 Essential Measures Businesses Owners Should Take After a Fire

5/23/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke on the glass modern building Owners shouldn't wait days to notify the insurance agent of a fire. Call from the worksite, requesting the agent open a claim!

Following A Fire, There Are Three Important Steps That Business Owners Should Do.

When sparks fly, they spread quickly, wreaking havoc on company property. During the rebuilding process, owners face several issues, including managing fire restoration efforts and maintaining operations. It's challenging to know what to do and where to begin. The following are three essential measures owners should take after a fire.

1. Start a Fire Insurance Claim

Owners shouldn't wait days to notify the insurance agent of a fire. Call from the worksite, requesting the agent open a claim. Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • Date and time of the blaze
  • Your insurance policy number
  • Name of any leading rescue professional
  • The number for any fire report

2. Reach Out to a Fire Restoration Company

The property remains vulnerable. The fire crews may have busted windows and opened the roof to assist their efforts. In addition, the flames consume structural materials, creating breaches in walls. These exposures allow the weather, trespassers and animals to enter. In Chicago, IL, a fire remediation team should seal off these holes to minimize future complications.

3. Discuss Plans for Cleanup Procedures

Once the building is secured, turn attention to remediation efforts and alternate locations. Soot, ash and water inhabit the working space, limiting the ability to use the facility or claim any valuables. Discuss water and smoke cleaning with the restoration experts and ask about what must stay and what may be removed.

With permission, pull out significant documentation such as financial paperwork and contracts. Then, find a temporary spot for office staff to continue their work while the remediation workers deodorize, scrub and dry out the facility.

In Chicago, IL, owners should not immediately enter their building after a fire. Instead, initiate contact with fire restoration professionals and insurance agents. Follow their lead to rebuild and clean. While they focus on sanitizing and repairing, owners may concentrate on establishing temporary office space.

How To Create a House Fire Evacuation Plan

4/12/2022 (Permalink)

Escape plan Because a house fire can start at any time and in any room, you should practice different scenarios at different times of day and night.

How To Make A Fire Evacuation Plan For Your Home

A home fire can begin at any time, anywhere in your Chicago,IL, home, so fire preparation is critical. Creating a fire escape plan for your household is simple yet could be a lifesaver in the event of a disaster.

1. Draw a Floor Plan

Draw a floor plan of each of your home's floors. The drawings must include every window and door of the house. You also need to identify and label two ways out of each room.

2. Agree on a Meeting Area

Decide on a meeting place that's a safe distance from the house. Everyone should congregate there after evacuating the home.

3. Teach Your Children About Fire Safety

A significant part of the fire escape plan is making sure your children have a good understanding of all aspects of fire safety. Show them what to do and not do if they hear the alarm sound. If there's smoke, they should get low to the floor and crawl to the nearest exit. Demonstrate how they can use the back of their hand on a closed door and doorknob to check for heat before opening it. Tell them NOT to open it if it's hot. Make sure they know to NEVER return to a burning building after exiting.

4. Practice a Fire Drill

Practice your evacuation plan at least twice a year. Since a home fire can break out at any time and in any part of the home, you should practice different scenarios at different times of the day and night. Firefighters and fire damage experts recommend using a stopwatch to time how long it takes for everyone to get to the meeting area after the alarm goes off. You should aim for under two minutes.

Keep your family safe. Devise a fire escape strategy as soon as possible. Hopefully, you'll never need it but practice it regularly to make sure everyone is prepared if the worst occurs.

Smoke Odor Cleanup Methods

1/6/2022 (Permalink)

Emergency exit - fire in the building. SERVPRO is here to help you in your time of need. We are experts in fire damage restoration and are available 24/7 to respond when you need us.

Methods For Removing Smoke Odors

What is that smell? If your commercial property recently suffered from a damaging fire, it’s probably smoke odor. You may already know how to handle structural fire damage, but what can you do about smoke cleaning? Fortunately for you and your business, there are several ways that trained professionals can help. Read on to learn about three methods that your local fire damage restoration company can use to help clean up those unpleasant smells.

1. Ozone Machines

Many Park Ridge,IL, cleanup technicians will use ozone machines for standard smoke cleanup. These handy devices actually destroy the odors in your building, rather than simply covering them up temporarily.

2. Thermal Foggers

A thermal fogger will assist cleanup professionals in alleviating smoke damage by removing odors from carpets, walls and most other common surfaces in your commercial space. A fogger is considered to be the preferred device for smoke cleaning in many cases.

3. Air Filtration Devices

A good air filtration device will remove smoke particles from the air in your building and eliminate most odors. This makes filtration a very good choice for handling smoke cleanup in a large number of fire situations.

Which Method Does My Business Need?

The specific method that your local Park Ridge,IL, cleanup technicians use will likely vary depending on the severity of the situation, what type of building your business is located in and other important factors unique to your location. All of the methods above are excellent in the right situation, but you will need to talk to your on-site smoke cleaning crew about what their cleaning plan is.

Dealing with the aftermath of a commercial fire can be stressful enough without having to worry about lingering effects such as the smell of smoke. However, with all of the cleanup options that professionals have to consider, you really do not have to worry about the odors sticking around for long.

Steps Kids Can Take to Safely Escape a House Fire

12/2/2021 (Permalink)

A home damaged by fire If you have a fire in your home, it is possible that you will have significant soot and smoke damage. SERVPRO can help you from start to finish.

Steps For Kids To Safely Evacuate A House Fire

It’s impossible to put into words the helpless, awful feelings you would feel if your home were to catch on fire. This is an event everyone dreads and hopes they never have to experience. If this terrible situation arises, however, kids’ safety is most critical. This is why it’s vital to teach your children how to quickly and safely get out of your Chicago, IL, home if you detect a fire.

First Steps

At the moment you know there is a fire in your home, you should think of your well-being and of your kids’ safety. Before you do anything, make sure everyone in your house knows about these vital steps:

  • Have a predetermined meeting place.
  • Call 911.
  • Don’t go back into the home for belongings.

Crawl to Safety

One of the most effective escape methods to teach to children if a home fire occurs is the crawl. Smoke will rise, so it’s important to stay low. This will make it easier to breathe and to see where exits are. Teach children to get on all fours with their heads down to the floor. Alternatively, children can put their bellies on the floor and use their forearms and legs to move on the floor like a snake. This method is effective if the heat is especially intense.

Check Doors

Often, a house fire will start when children are sleeping in their rooms or when family members are in another room in the house with the door closed. A proper fire escape in these situations is most likely if children will learn to first press the backs of their hands up against the door. If the door is hot, kids shouldn’t open the door. If the door is not hot, make sure your kids know to slowly open the door a little and examine the area. If it’s safe to proceed, they may crawl out.

To ensure your kids’ safety, make sure they understand these guidelines. You can then have peace of mind everyone is safe and sound by the time firefighter and fire cleanup experts arrive.

3 Steps for Putting Out a Grease Fire

11/2/2021 (Permalink)

A kitchen with fire damage This home suffered from a kitchen fire. The team at SERVPRO responded immediately and began clean-up procedures.

3 Steps to Extinguishing a Grease Fire

Fires can happen in the kitchen of your Chicago, IL home more commonly than any other room. One major cause is the ignition of a grease fire, might occur when you are using cooking oils or frying food. This type of blaze can spread quickly; however, knowing how to put it out can prevent major damage or injury before it is too late.

1. Stay Calm

When a fire like this breaks out, it can be frightening and your first instinct may be to panic. Keeping your head can help you assess whether the fire is still small enough to put out on your own and give you the presence of mind to turn off the burner. Removing the heat source should keep the fire from spreading and give you time to act.

2. Smother the Flames

Fire needs oxygen to spread, so if the blaze is still contained to one pan, you can cover it with a metal lid to snuff it out. If the pan has a matching glass lid, avoid using it to cover the fire, as it may overheat and explode. Use extreme care when approaching the fire.

3. Use Baking Soda

When putting out a grease fire, it is important to remember that water will not douse the flames and may even help them spread. If the fire is still a small one, dump baking soda or salt on it to help snuff out the flames. If the fire caused damage to your stove, it is a good idea to call in a fire cleanup and restoration service to ensure surrounding appliances and other systems were not affected.

Dealing with a grease fire in your Chicago, IL, home can be frightening. However, when you stay calm and know how to snuff it out right away, you can prevent serious damage to your home and head off a potentially devastating blaze.

3 Fire Safety Steps for Kids

10/21/2021 (Permalink)

A woman crawling in the middle of a fire The most common fire escape tactic involves crawling on all fours. Teach younger family members to drop their forearms to the ground, imitating a dog.

Three Fire Safety Steps For Children

Fire drills and field trips to the fire department are just the beginning when it comes to teaching kids safety methods in case of a fire. Instructions on escaping a dangerous situation at home are equally important. Let your children know that the safety precautions don't end at school by introducing them to the following three safety tips.

1. Learn About Smoke Alarms

It's never a bad idea to teach kids about the safety equipment itself. Inform your children that a smoke detector is more than a small object fitted to the ceiling; its alarm signal could be the first sign of a home fire. Even with no alarm sounding, it's vital that all family members know to escape the area immediately when any signs of a fire are present.

2. Crawl on the Floor

The most common fire escape tactic involves crawling on all fours. Teach younger family members to drop their forearms to the ground, imitating a dog; then have them practice crawling with noses pointed to the floor. Heat and smoke rises, so the lower you crawl, the more you can protect yourself from danger.

3. Roll Out of Bed

Along with the previous step, it is important that you add a discussion on dangerous temperatures to your kids safety checklist. During a fire, temperatures at the level of your child's bed should be cooler than those near the ceiling, so you want children to keep as close to these lower levels as possible. Instruct them to roll in the bed until they face the floor. Then they can place their hand down to the floor for support, sliding off the bed safely.

Planning to escape from a home fire in Park Ridge, IL, is scary enough on its own, but when children are part of the picture it becomes all the more crucial. Teaching kids safety steps can seem like the biggest challenge in the world, but when everyone is on the same page with safety measures, the whole family can be better prepared in case of an emergency.

Best Ways to Avoid Mold Growth After a Flood

7/29/2021 (Permalink)

two air movers placed against walls that drywall has been removed Storm restoration services in Park Ridge, IL.

The Best Ways to Prevent Mold After a Flood

You work hard to provide a nice home and a safe, secure place for yourself and your loved ones. Floods are some of the biggest threats to your well-being. These emergency situations can damage or even destroy your property and possession, and they can even cause harm to everyone in your Park Ridge, IL, home. Some of the things you’re most concerned about happen following the flood. These include mold growth, which can frustrate anyone. Luckily, there are some effective ways to put an end to this.

Make an Assessment

Once the flooding has come to an end, and it’s safe to be in your home, you need to take stock of the damage and the situation. There are few things you should do.

• Document the extent of the damage to floors, walls, furniture, appliances and personal belongings
• Contact a professional restoration company
• Contact your insurance company

Once you’ve evaluated the damage and spoken with people who can help, you can discuss the best ways to clean up.

Get Rid of Water

Depending on the severity of the flood, you may have standing water in your basement or other parts of your home. You should immediately extract the water using a wet vacuum. You should also use a high-quality carpet and flooring cleaner to suck up additional water that may have soaked into the carpet or furniture.

Tear it Out

The best way to ward off mold growth is to never let it happen. Quickly get rid of any materials in your home that you can’t salvage.

Clean and Sanitize

Mold removal isn’t always easy, so if you can prevent it from occurring, you should be in good shape. As soon as you remove water and tear out ruined items, thoroughly clean and sanitize affected areas.

Mold growth is a concern for any homeowner. However, if you follow these guidelines, you can prevent this unwanted guest from entering your home.

Ozone Cleaning: 3 Benefits

7/19/2021 (Permalink)

Green Ozone Generator Ozone cleaning cleans the air through a process where the molecules that cause the smell are oxidized and changed until the odor is eliminated.

Benefits Of Ozone Cleaning

Eliminating odors from your Rosemont,IL home can be challenging, especially if anyone in your family smokes indoors. Cigarette smoke can cause strong odors that cling to clothing, furniture, drapes and carpeting. Hiring a smoke cleanup and home deodorization service can be an effective first step to removing this odor, especially when it comes to using ozone cleaning. Here are a few benefits of this process and how it can leave your home smelling clean and fresh.

1. It Is Easy To Control

One of the greatest benefits of ozone cleaning is that the process can be easily manipulated by the smoke cleanup professionals that use them. Humidity levels, the speed of the flow and other variables are controlled via the ozone machine, which means the technician operating the machine can change any factor at will to bring about the best result possible.

2. Ozone Is Harmless

Unlike some household cleansers, ozone is a harmless gas that does not cause any ill effects during its use. No harmful vapors are created during the process, as ozone cleaning involves the cleaning of the air through a process where the molecules that cause the smell are oxidized and changed until the odor is eliminated. No harsh odors are left behind after the process, which means you can put cleaned items back in your home right away.

3. Professional Cleansing Is Safe and Effective

Removing cigarette odors from your home via professional ozone cleansing is a home deodorization process that lets you step back and leave this difficult issue to someone who knows how to handle it. An ozone technician can also advise you which items need the most attention and how to prevent the smell from returning. This can lead to long-lasting freshness everyone who visits your home can appreciate.

Home deodorization via ozone cleaning can be an effective way to remove cigarette odors from your Rosemont,IL residence. Understanding the benefits of this process can help you decide whether it is the right choice for your odor removal needs.

Choosing and Using a Home Fire Extinguisher

7/6/2021 (Permalink)

Background of brickwall and aa fire extinguisher on top of a table Following fire extinguisher guidelines are important for your fire emergency

How Do I Choose A Fire Extinguisher For My Home?

To keep your home safe from fires, make sure you have a fire extinguisher on hand. While any number of things can cause a home fire in Chicago, IL, from faulty wiring to smoking in bed, many of the most common causes are concentrated in the kitchen. Electrical appliances, cooking grease and pots and pans forgotten on the stove can all result in a kitchen fire that causes extensive fire damage. Follow the guidelines below to select and operate this vital piece of fire safety equipment.

Choosing an Extinguisher

From aerosol spray cans to fire blankets, there are a lot of options on the market for home fire safety. However, opting for a fire extinguisher usually gives you the most versatility and protection when it comes to stopping blazes.

Different extinguishers are made to fight different kinds of fires and every extinguisher has a label telling you what types of fires it puts out. Fires are classified as A, B, C, D and K.

  • A – Solid materials like wood, paper, plastic or fabric
  • B – Flammable liquid or gas like kerosene, paint, or natural gas
  • C – Electrical fires
  • D – Combustible metals like magnesium or aluminum (almost never an issue in the home)
  • K – Liquids used in food preparation like grease and cooking oils

Choosing an extinguisher that covers, A, B, C and K fires is an option, though it will likely be less effective for some types than others. Another option is to keep both a K and an ABC extinguisher in your kitchen.

Using an Extinguisher

Local fire departments in and around Chicago, IL, may offer home fire safety training where you can get hands-on training on how to use a fire extinguisher. If not, remember the acronym PASS.

• P – Pull the pin out of the top of the extinguisher
• A – Aim the nozzle at the base of the fire where the fuel for it is located
• S – Squeeze the handle to begin spraying the water, powder or foam inside the extinguisher
• S – Sweep the spray from side to side to cover the whole base of the fire

3 Things To Do After a Fire

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severe fire damage in a kitchen, cabinets totally burned Severe fire damage in Park Ridge, IL.

What To Do After A Fire

A fire can leave a devastating impact on your home. The fire restoration process should be left in the hands of experienced professionals in Park Ridge, IL. However, you may be wondering if there is anything you can do to alleviate some of the anxiety. Here are the things you can do to move on more easily following fire damage.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Hopefully, you have fire insurance that will cover the damage. To ensure you get the most out of your insurance policy, you need to contact your provider as soon as you can to begin the claims process. Make sure you only deal with your personal insurance agency. You may receive calls from agents trying to get you to sign with them. These are usually scams. Do not give them your business.

2. Determine Damaged and Undamaged Property

As part of the fire restoration process, your insurance company will need you to submit a list of items damaged by the fire. You will need to figure out what is too damaged beyond repair, what is damaged but can be repaired and what is damaged completely. If you kept receipts for certain items, then it will make the valuation process much simpler to go through.

3. Find Somewhere Else To Stay

While the restoration and smoke cleaning services are going on, it will be recommended for you to live somewhere else. You can stay at a friend’s house or at a nearby hotel because it will not be healthy for you to sleep in a house that still has soot and smoke around. In some cases, your insurance may be able to pay for a hotel stay.

The fire restoration process is difficult enough as is. You do not want to make it harder on yourself by failing to carry out some basic action in the immediate aftermath of the fire.

What You Should Know About Smoke Odor Remediation

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air scrubber in the kitchen, equipment used to remove smoke odor Removing smoke odor in a Rosemont, IL home

Taking care of your home means making sure that it’s secured and covered with adequate homeowners insurance. This type of policy covers damages and losses in your home due to various issues, including fire. If you ever experience a residential fire in Rosemont, IL, you will need to be prepared for several types of damage in your home, including fire, water and smoke damage. The cleanup process will be comprehensive and should be left in the hands of a fire restoration professional franchise. This professional is equipped and trained about everything from damage assessment to smoke cleaning to restore your property to a pre-fire state.

Removing Smoke Odor

You may believe that the fire cleanup process is just about removing and repairing everything impacted by the fire, including smoke damage to the structure and home contents. Removal of smoke odor is also a critical part of cleanup. It’s a multi-stepped process that focuses on completely ridding your property of lingering odors:

  • Complete washing of all exterior surfaces
  • Disinfection of interior hard surfaces
  • Laundering of all fabric items, including clothes
  • Deodorizing and disinfection of items affected by smoke
  • Complete cleaning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems
  • Specialized washing, dusting and deodorization of other items

Your fire cleanup services provider has the tools for smoke cleaning to get rid of all signs of damage, include odors.

Understanding the Professional Difference
A professional fire restoration company specializes in minimizing the time it takes to get your home back to pre-damage conditions. This includes any reconstruction and repair work that may be needed for your home’s structure and interior finishes. They will check to see which items can be restored through smoke cleaning and other methods versus complete replacement, potentially lowering the cost of your claim. Insurance companies usually prefer to work with professionals as they can completely remove all signs of damage from fire, water and smoke.
It's important that the smoke damage restoration process is completed and handled with the right equipment and know-how. Consult a fire restoration pro to ensure a comprehensive approach.

How To Determine Whether the Landlord or Tenant is Financially Responsible for Fire Damage

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apartment fire An apartment fire can be devastating

Which Party Is Responsible To Pay For Repairs Of The Fire Damage?

One of the main duties of landlords is to provide a habitable dwelling for their tenants. They need to make sure the dwelling is safe, livable and properly maintained. There are even laws that protect renters by ensuring compliance from their landlords. What happens if a disaster strikes like an apartment fire, though? 

Structure Damage
The landlord must pay for professional fire restoration to repair structural damage after a fire in a Rosemont, IL, apartment. Structural damage includes:

  • Plumbing
  • Electrical system
  • Interior and exterior structure

The good news for landlords is they most likely do not need to pay out of pocket for the repairs. A homeowner’s policy usually covers the cost of repairs.
If the fire was started by renters or their guests, they may be on the hook for the cost of repairs. In this situation, landlords need to have their insurance company coordinate with the renter’s insurance company for compensation. If a tenant does not have renter’s insurance, the landlord’s insurance company can go directly to the tenant to receive compensation.

Personal Property Damage
After an apartment fire, renters are responsible for the damage to their personal property. If the tenant has renter’s insurance, that should cover the cost of lost or damaged items such as clothes, furniture, etc.
The only time a landlord would need to cover the cost of lost personal items is if the tenant can prove that the landlord was at fault for the fire due to negligence. If the fire was definitely the renter’s fault, the landlord will not need to reimburse the tenant for personal items but will still be obligated to cover the structural damage.
An apartment fire can be devastating, and what is most important is that everyone is safe and unharmed. It is beneficial to be aware of how to resolve the issue of fire damage costs before the situation ever arises so that everyone involved can move forward without issues or confusion.

Smoke Alarms: Valuable Life-Saving Devices

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Smoke Alarms

An effective smoke alarm system is often the difference between escaping a fire safely and suffering a tragedy. According to the National Fire Protection Association,

  • 40 percent of home fire deaths happened in homes without a working smoke detector.
  • 17 percent of home fire-related deaths happened in homes where the detector wasn't working.
  • The rate of deaths is more than twice as high in homes without alarms than in homes with them.
  • Dead batteries are a significant cause of fire alarm failures.

These statistics may be grim, but they make it clear that installing alarms appropriately and keeping them in good working condition is a life-saving habit.

Timely Signals for an Escape

The materials in today's home furnishings catch on fire much more quickly than the materials used in the past. This means that there's a very small window of time for household members to escape from a home fire. The signal of a smoke alarm should prompt each member of the home to move to their escape route.

Types of Detectors

There are several types of alarms to consider. For example, an ionization alarm is more sensitive to fast-moving flames, and a photoelectric smoke detector is best for responding to smoldering fires. For your family's safety, it's best to have a combination of types in your home. If you have young children, you may also want to consider voice alarms that are more effective at rousing children from sleep.

Consistent and Appropriate Maintenance

A key factor in keeping your fire alarm system in working condition is proper maintenance. For example, once a month you should push the test button. Replace the batteries twice a year. The alarms themselves should be replaced every ten years. Write the date of installation on the back of the alarm, so it's easy to remember when to replace the detectors.

Do you know the condition of your existing smoke alarm system? Avoid a visit from fire damage cleanup and restoration professionals by updating the system in your Park Ridge,IL, home.

What To Know About Fire Damage Restoration Estimates

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Close-up of mature couple doing finances at home You may need to get an estimate for your restoration cost

What To Know About Fire Damage Restoration Estimates

After a fire at your Park Ridge, IL, business you may need to get an estimate for your restoration costs. These numbers may vary leaving you wondering what the costs actually are. This is why it’s important to understand what factors may come in to play when determining the restoration costs. The quote provided by your local fire damage restoration service may take into account the following things.

1. Multiple Damage Types

After a fire, multiple forms of damage may have occurred. In addition to fire damage, there may also be problems with smoke and soot. Fire suppression efforts may also have caused some flooding which could mean potential water damage problems as well. Your restoration professional should take into account all of these damages and the repairs required when quoting your repair costs.

2. Additional Services

In some cases, an estimate quote may also include the costs of additional services that may be desired. These can include security, tarping services, content cleaning, and digitizing damaged paperwork. Be sure to talk to your restoration professional about what services you will need to ensure the costs of these are included in the quote.

3. Insurance Coverage

In some cases, your commercial fire insurance policy may cover some or all of the restoration costs depending on your coverage plan. This is why you may also wish to talk to your insurance agent about which restoration teams they may recommend for the job.

When quoting an estimate for the restoration of your company after a fire, the local restoration crew may be accounting for various damage types they will need to clean, and additional services you may require. It’s also important to note that sometimes your insurance may cover some of the restoration costs. Choosing an insurance approved restoration crew with the ability to handle all of these things themselves may save you money.

Can Items Be Saved After a Fire?

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One of the hardest things about experiencing a fire in Rosemont, IL can be the loss of personal belongings. Walls and floors can be repaired, a roof replaced and plumbing and electrical redone. The contents of the building, however, can have meaning and personal attachment that makes them difficult to do without. Dry-cleaning and other techniques can be used to save many items.

What Methods are Used to Clean Contents?

There are several methods that can be effective depending on the material the items are made up of. Here are a few of the favored content cleaning choices.

Dry-cleaning — For clothing and draperies and fabrics with soot stains

Laundering – For other fabric items not contaminated with soot

Cleaning with detergent – metal and hard surfaces

Shampooing – Carpet my possibly be cleaned this way if the damage is only from smoke
Ultrasonic treatment – This method works well for many non-porous materials

Cleaning and Storage

The first two options are best for cleaning smoke and odors from clothing and fabric items that suffered soot stains in the fire. You may also be able to save draperies, sheets and bedding and bathroom linens this way.

A soapy wash with an anti-bacterial detergent may help save some of your washable items like dishes, glassware, and surfaces like laminate or tile. For non-porous items, a dip in an ultrasonic unit can loosen and break up soot and smoke residue. They should be thoroughly cleaned to remove stains and odors.

Content cleaning is a particular process best handled by fire restoration professionals. Using the wrong method can cause permanent damage. Professionals in Rosemont, IL know what works best to salvage anything possible. In some cases, cleaned items may be put into content storage to protect them from becoming contaminated until restoration is complete.

If a fire disaster happens, get help that understands the way dry-cleaning and other methods can help save your content. They can help make it “Like it never even happened.”

How Renters Insurance Can Help With Fire Damage

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Renters insurance form and dollars on the table. Renters insurance can help you get through this stressful time

How Renters Insurance Can Help With Fire Damage

A fire can do serious damage to your Rosemont, IL, rental home. Fortunately, renters insurance can help you get through this stressful time.

The landlord's insurance will cover fire damage to the structure itself, but the renter will be responsible for certain other costs. There are a variety of expenses that fire insurance covers, including the following:

  • Contents restoration
  • Temporary relocation
  • Liability
  • Small medical payments

The contents of the rental home, including furniture, clothing, etc., are covered under a renters insurance policy. This means that you will receive funds to repair or replace damaged personal property up to the coverage limits listed in the policy. Some policies will cover what it costs to replace the items, but other policies only pay what the items were worth prior to the loss, known as actual cash value. Many policies also cover the costs of living arrangements during the restoration period. Additionally, fire insurance may provide the policy holder with liability coverage in the case that he or she accidentally causes a fire that results in a loss for a third party. Some policies will also pay small medical costs incurred by a third party without having to establish liability. Talk to your insurance agent to make sure you fully understand the details of your policy.

Contents Restoration
The items in your home are made of a variety of materials. In addition to furniture, you may have electronics, antiques, and important documents that need to be restored following fire and water damage. Fortunately, there are a variety of cleaning and drying methods available, including the following:

  • Dry cleaning
  • Vacuum freeze drying
  • Vacuum thermal drying

A professional can help determine what can and cannot be salvaged and the best fire restoration techniques for your possessions.
Although getting your life back to normal after a fire can be a daunting task, renters insurance can help you financially. Additionally, a certified restoration team can help you restore your belongings to pre-fire condition.

Tips for Keeping Pets Safe During a Fire

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Cute border collie puppy with an emergency kit An emergency kit should include first aid items for pets

Pets are important members of your family, and their well-being is just as important as the humans in your household. In the event of a fire emergency in your home in Rosemont, IL, you will want to make sure all pets are safely evacuated. Use these tips to help ensure pet safety during a fire.

Keep Important Documents Safe

As a part of pet preparation, all vital documents should be kept in a fireproof box. Essential items to keep in it include the following:

  • Pet ownership papers
  • Vaccination records
  • ID tags
  • Recent pictures of pets

It is important to keep these items safe in case your pets are separated from you during a fire emergency, as these things help with identification.

Create an Evacuation Plan

Just like you have an evacuation plan for the people in your home, one is needed for your pets as well. You should draw a diagram that outlines multiple escape routes and practice scenarios with your pets several times to understand what should be done in each situation. Go over these plans with all family members.

Put Together a Pet Emergency Kit

An emergency kit should include first aid items for pets and things like food, blankets, leashes, collars, water, food bowls and soap or disinfectant. You should have enough supplies to last a few days in case you cannot return to your home during fire damage evaluation. You will want to keep this kit by an exit point or even in your car. Make sure you rotate perishable items to ensure that there are no expired objects in your stock.

Secure Pets in an Escape Area

If you are not home during a fire emergency, pets need to be in an easily accessible area. Placing them in travel crates near entry points can be helpful if firefighters need to rescue them.
Pet safety during a fire is an essential task. To prepare for this type of emergency, keep a fireproof box with important documents in it, practice escape routes, have a pet emergency kit on hand and leave pets by an entry point when you are not at home.

Here’s How to Protect Your Pets During a Fire Event

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dog with first aid kit Keep your pets safe if your home suffers from a fire loss

Many people treasure their pets; indeed, to some, they are as children. And like children, their safety should be considered during family disaster planning. if you experience a fire emergency in Park Ridge, IL, being prepared is an successful way to keep your pet unscathed and maybe even unaware that anything unfortunate happened.

Pet Safety in a Fire Starts by Helping Prevent Fires Started by Pets

The National Fire Protection Association estimates that around 1,000 fires are started by pets every year. Fortunately, there are a few simple steps you can take to prevent a fire emergency:

Extinguish unattended open flames, such as candles and fireplaces.
Make sure any wood stoves have their doors securely latched.
Turn off gas stoves and cover or remove the knobs.

Pet Preparation Should Start Early

Make sure your pet comes to you when you call them. This is super-easy to do if you always have a treat for them while they are being name-trained. Once they have learned to come, occasionally give a treat now and then when calling them so they’ll be eager to come every time!

The Family Plan

The NFPA provides public education for how to create a family plan. Once a fire starts, having a solid plan that all of you have practiced is the single most important factor in your pet’s safety – and the safety of your whole family. Practice the plan with everyone who lives there, including pets, and use treats for them to make it enjoyable – a step that may work wonders with small children as well.
If you aren’t at home in Park Ridge, IL during a fire, have a pet alert on a front window with the number of pets inside. Try to keep collars on them – and near entrances if possible – for the quickest access. If you have a pet door, use treats that encourage them to immediately run outside every time they hear the smoke detector.

Once the fire emergency is over, keep them away from any areas that are smoke-damaged or have dangerous rubble. Contact an experienced fire damage cleanup company to get things restored back to normal for both you and your pets.

Avoid Spoiling Your Outdoor Grilling With a Fire

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Smiling man seasoning meat on the grill Outdoor grilling in Park Ridge, IL

Warm weather grilling is one of the greatest pleasures of summer. Steaks, burgers and vegetable kebabs all taste better cooked over the open grill. But as quick as a wink, your pleasure can turn to pain if a grill fire flares up. Firefighters are called to over 10,200 occurrences of barbecue fire in the United States each year, including in your town of Park Ridge,IL.

Ways To Avoid a Fire When Grilling

The fire damage cleanup from a grill fire is a little more intense than cleaning up after a barbecue with friends, but such fires can be prevented with the proper care. Consider the following guidelines when preparing your next cookout.

  • Always remove grease from the grills and catch trays before heating the grill
  • Make sure the propane tank is operating properly with no leaks
  • Stay clear of trees and overhangs that could possibly catch fire
  • Keep pets and children several feet from the grill to avoid burns or accidental tipping

More Tips for Fire Avoidance

One other essential tip is to make sure the grill and any charcoal, wood or other combustibles are fully cool before putting it away. Also, be certain that the fuel tank is shut off and stowed away from any heat source when not in use.

Get Help When Needed

When a grill catches fire, it may likely affect the patio, garage or even more of the home. Fire damage and smoke damage as well as water damage from extinguishing the fire can create a disaster you are not prepared for. Call fire and water restoration professionals in Park Ridge,IL  that and help with the fire cleanup and help make your home as good as new.

While grilling is a satisfying and popular summer pastime, a grill fire can create a small to disastrous emergency. Prepare ahead and you can put the energy of worrying into giving your guests a good time.

3 Things You Should Know About Your Renters Insurance and Fire Damage

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If a fire was started by a burning candle at your home, your insurance will approve your claim

A Few Things You Should Know About Fire Coverage

When you rent a home in Park Ridge,IL, having renters insurance can be helpful in many situations. This insurance can cover a wide range of damage, including that caused by a fire. However, there are some limitations. Here are a few things that you should know about fire coverage.

1. When Is Fire Damage Covered?

Because fire is a covered peril, your insurance will approve your claim in most situations. Even if the fire is a result of your own negligence, the damage will more than likely be covered. Whether it is started by a burning candle, a cooking accident or something else doesn’t usually matter. There is, however, one obvious exception. If the fire was started intentionally, it will not be covered under your insurance.

2. What Is Covered?

When a fire occurs, much of your property loss will be covered under your policy. Depending on your policy, you may be able to receive the cost of replacing your belongings as opposed to the actual value of your lost items. This can be helpful if much of your furniture is older and has depreciated a lot over time. If you are unable to stay in your home while an emergency remediation company is doing repairs and fire restoration, your temporary living expenses can be covered as well.

3. What Is Not Covered?

While renters insurance will cover many expenses after a fire, it does not cover the structure of the building. The owner and his or her insurance company will generally be responsible for the costs related to damage to the actual building. In some cases, they may request payment from you, in which case your insurance company may be able to help.

While many renters insurance policies have similarities, it is important that you look over yours for the specific details. Knowing exactly what is covered will make the claims process much easier during an emergency.

3 Tips for Preventing Chimney Fires

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Chimney Fire Damage in Chicago, IL.

Your furnace has gotten you through some pretty tough winters in Chicago, IL and continues to help make your home a comfortable, great place to live for you and your family. Unfortunately, no furnace is a self-sustaining system, and you’ll need to maintain yours to avoid a number of serious issues, such as:

* Smoke damage to your home and belongings

* Blockage of the vent, which can lead to a buildup of unsafe air in your home

* House fires

Luckily, maintaining your furnace correctly is a fairly simple task when approached properly, and costs much less in the long run than paying for professional fire cleaning or smoke cleaning services when things go wrong.

3 Tips for Preventing Chimney Fires

1. Filtration

The easiest thing you can do to prevent the need for fire cleaning in your home is inspect and change your furnace filter regularly. Your filter prevents dirt and debris from entering the furnace. An extreme buildup on these filters can lead to furnace malfunction, which may, in turn, lead to a house fire.

2. Clean Your Vents

If your exit vents become clogged with dirt and dust, the hot air your furnace creates will have nowhere to go. The buildup of heat in your ducts can not only damage the furnace and its channels, but can very well lead to more serious issues down the road. Cleaning your vents is a quick, easy way to reduce strain on your furnace.

3. Inspect the Fan

Your furnace fan is, of course, the component that gets warm air moving throughout the vents to warm your home. If the fan is malfunctioning, hot air will simply stay in place and may cause overheating of various furnace components. Having a professional check out your fan or ensuring it’s working correctly yourself is always advisable when maintaining your furnace.

Following these steps helps to reduce the likelihood of furnace-related fire and smoke damages occurring. At the end of the day, spending a little more time on maintenance is much better than spending your hard-earned cash on fire cleaning services. 

Fire Remediation: From Start to Finish

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Look for a company that specializes in both mitigation and restoration

The fire restoration process can be a long one. It starts when a professional fire remediation company assesses the damage to your home and ends only when your home is restored to its former glory. Here is a look at the whole process divided into its two main parts - mitigation and restoration.


Mitigation is the process of getting rid of the causes of the damage to your home in Park Ridge,IL , as well as the damage itself. When dealing with the aftermath of a fire, you aren’t just looking for items that are burned. Technicians must also deal with other damage:

  •  Water damage from efforts to extinguish the fire
  •  Smoke damage from the haze created by the fire
  •  Structural damage from fire itself

Experts start the process by assessing how much the fire destroyed. Then, they remove excess water and affected items so they can get to the structure itself. They remove the walls, floors and ceilings that are waterlogged or otherwise compromised. The parts of the structure that remain must be cleaned before fire restoration can begin. Smoke and soot must be removed from surfaces and cleaned out of crevices. Everything must be disinfected to ensure that no bacteria or harsh chemicals remain.


After damage cleaning is complete, technicians can begin to put your home back together again. Walls and insulation that were torn out are replaced. Ceilings, cabinets and flooring are rebuilt. The finishing touch comes when the restoration crew makes sure that the new parts of your home match the areas they were able to salvage. When they are finished, your home should look “Like it never even happened."

When looking for a company to handle fire restoration for your home in Park Ridge,IL, it can be helpful to choose a company that specializes in both mitigation and restoration. By incorporating the two parts into one process, you can expect a smoother recovery.

What You Should Know About Beeping Fire Alarms

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Replace your smoke alarm in Park Ridge,IL at least once every ten years

A fire alarm is a useful item to have in your home in Park Ridge,IL  and can help alert you in case of a fire. However, hearing constant beeping or chirping noises can quickly become frustrating. With a solid understanding of your alarm, you are more likely to know how to react if your alarm won’t stop beeping.

Why Is My Alarm Beeping?

A smoke detector going off is not always an indicator of danger or smoke damage, especially when the detector is making a chirping noise. The following could cause your alarm to beep:

  • Dirt and dust may have caused buildup and the alarm needs to be cleaned
  • Batteries need to be replaced
  • The alarm may be faulty

How Often Should You Change Your Smoke Detector?

It’s often common for a smoke detector to beep if something needs to be changed. Tips on maintaining your fire alarm include:

  • Change batteries yearly
  • Test the function of your alarm frequently
  • Replace the smoke alarm at least once every ten years

How Can You Stop the Beeping?

If you are unsure what is causing the chirping noise from your alarm, it’s often best to try several methods to fix common issues. The following can often stop an alarm from continuously beeping:

  • Replace the batteries
  • Clean the alarm
  • Reset the alarm

If none of the above techniques work to quiet your alarm, consider replacing the alarm. Often, there will be a date on your alarm noting the year it was made, and if ten years or more have passed since this date, it’s likely that you need to replace the alarm entirely.

Having a thorough understanding of how your fire alarm functions can help you put a stop to chirping noises and can keep you safe in case of an emergency. If your home has been damaged by a fire, consider contacting fire damage restoration experts.

Getting Your Family’s Emergency Escape Plan Right

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Be sure that you have a fire escape plan and practice it often

Even small fires in Rosemont,IL, can be deadly. To keep your family safe during a fire, you must be certain everyone in your group knows what to do in an emergency. By developing a reliable fire escape plan, you increase your odds of achieving peace of mind.

Here are four tips for drafting your family’s emergency escape plan

1. Use Online Resources
The fire safety experts at the American Red Cross have extensive knowledge about preparing an emergency preparedness plan. In fact, the organization has a checklist of tasks that anyone can use to be certain a plan is effective.

2. Walk Around Your Home
Before creating your family’s fire escape plan, walk around the outside of your home and thoroughly examine it. Be sure the following are clearly visible or accessible:

  • Your house’s street number or address
  • Front and rear entry doors
  • Emergency release latches for security bars

3. Find an Outside Meeting Place
Taking family attendance during an emergency is essential to making sure everyone is safe. As such, you need to find a safe outside meeting place. Be sure it is in a well-lit area. During everyday conversation, routinely remind your children of the location of your meeting place.

4. Give Everyone a Stake
Ask your kids to help you create your family’s emergency plan. Give the young ones a piece of paper and ask them to draw their bedrooms. Then, have them identify two ways out of the rooms where they spend the most time. Don’t forget to routinely test your escape plan. When the smoke detector sounds, it is time for everyone to evacuate.

If your home goes through a fire, you can contract with a professional restoration service to return your Rosemont,IL, house to its pre-fire condition. Remember, things are replaceable, while people are not. By formulating and routinely drilling a fire escape plan, you can rest assured your family knows what to do in the unlikely event of a fire or other emergency.

The Importance of Security Fencing

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Security fencing is good to use to keep people out of an unsafe zone

Your commercial property in Chicago, IL, may be protected by various security measures when it is fully functional. If a fire ravages your building, however, it can become vulnerable to those who are inclined to take advantage of others' misfortune. A security fence around the perimeter of your property can protect it while it is uninhabited or undergoing fire mitigation. It can also save you money with your insurance company.

Insurance Savings

Your insurance adjuster assesses the property to decide how much the insurance company will pay to recover your damages. If more losses occur because you do not take the appropriate building security precautions, however, your insurance company is not going to cover those losses. There are several problems that could stem from a lack of security:

• Theft of personal property
• Vandalism
• Physical injury

When the insurance adjuster sees that you have taken the initiative to put up a security fence, this can simplify your claims process and get you a bigger settlement. If the area is secure, the adjuster is likely to determine that most if not all of the damage occurred as a result of the fire.

Trespass Prevention

Security measures can give you peace of mind. They keep people out, which in turn keeps out all the problems that trespassers could cause. You protect yourself from intentional offenses, such as theft or vandalism. You also protect yourself and others from accidents. Security fencing can keep children and wayward pets out of the area, keeping them safe from the dangers of a building that has suffered fire damage. For a little bit of effort, you can avoid a lot of potential problems.

Putting up a security fence while your building is being restored is the smart thing to do. It keeps out people who are up to no good as well as those who are merely wandering away from their usual path out of confusion or curiosity. In the long run, it can save you stress and money.

For more on Chicago click here

Avoiding Space Heater Fires

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Experts estimate that one third of all house fires that occur in the winter months are caused by a burned space heater. Following a few simple tips can keep folks living in Chicago, and the rest of the country safe when using space heaters. In the event of a fire from a portable heater, professionals can help with smoke clean up and restoration.

Space Heater Fire Prevention Tips

A well-placed space heater on a cold winter day or evening can offer welcome comfort and coziness. Reduce the risk of a burned space heater by remembering some simple rules.

• Make sure the space heater has a high safety rating.
• The heater should have a shut off feature for tip-overs or overheating.
• Do not use a space heater around water.
• Do not use a space heater with an extension cord.
• Use a heater on the floor on a hard, level, nonflammable surface.
• Do not use a space heater in a child’s bedroom or play area.
• Keep children and pets at least three feet away from the heater.
• Do not use a heater near flammable materials such as solvents, paints or gasoline.
• Keep the heater at least three feet away from combustibles like curtains and bedding.
• Do not share the outlet the heater is plugged into with another appliance.
• Turn off the space heater when you leave the area.
• If the space heater has a filter, inspect it regularly and clean or replace it as necessary.

These pointers should prevent the inconvenience of a burned space heater. An easy way to remember to keep children, pets and combustible materials at least three feet away is to reframe the word “space.” Think of the word not only to describe the confined area that is in need of warmth, but also as a reminder to give the portable heater its “space.”

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Understanding Fire Damage

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A fire can occur for hundreds of different reasons, yet the results are always the same - a devastating amount of property damage and loss of possessions. Dealing with fire damage can seem like an
overwhelming task, especially at first. That's why every homeowner should  prepare for such an emergency before it occurs and know what to do if it does happen.

Preventative Measures

In some cases, fire damage happens due to unpredictable circumstances
and can not be avoided. Storms and hurricanes cause thousands of residential fires each year. Also, if a property suffers a serious fire on a windy day, neighboring houses tend to be affected as well.

That being said, most fires can easily be avoided, especially in areas like Park Ridge and Chicago (Illinois) where weather tends to be moderate. Here are some basic safety tips that can help homeowners prevent a devastating tragedy:

Keeping a close eye on every potential fire hazard is the most important step one could take to mitigate fire loss. Since most residential fires start in the kitchen, it is vital to make a habit of making sure the stove is off after using it. For smokers, the same rule should apply to ashtrays as well as trash cans. People who want to go the extra mile to ensure they don't have to deal with extensive fire loss install heavy fireproof doors in the kitchen. They are designed to prevent flames from spreading throughout a property. These can be costly but, of course, they're not nearly as expensive as recovering from fire damage.The second most common fire hazard is the backyard, especially if it contains a garden. On a hot summer day, vegetation can dry up and easily catch on fire. As such, it is important to keep all plant life properly hydrated
in the summer. It's no secret that fire alarms and smoke detectors are a must-have for all homeowners. However, most people aren't aware that IL fire safety protocol recommends changing the batteries on these devices every six months. Smoke detectors which don't require batteries should be tested just as often in order to ensure
that they are operational.

Staying Prepared

Unfortunately, there's just no way to rule out the possibility of a residential fire. That's why being prepared to deal with the fallout is simply paramount. There are two main steps homeowners can take to make sure they'll be ready to deal with such an event.

The fist step is to do some research and find the best local fire restoration company in your area. For example, residents of Chicago and Park Ridge should look for an agency based in Illinois. The most
significant thing to consider when making the choice would be the reputation of a company. The right firm will have numerous references and recommendations from other IL residents.

Of course, the most effective way to prepare for fire loss is to fully insure both the property and its contents. A truly comprehensive insurance policy covers the full cost of fire restoration and damages to furniture, personal belongings and any other possessions destroyed in a fire.

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Dealing With the Aftermath of a Fire Damage

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After a fire, it's very important to remember that restoration must begin as soon as possible. If soot and water damage are left unattended, they can cause more harm than the fire itself. 

Understandably, those who suffered a fire tend to be under a lot of stress immediately after it occurs. However, that's no reason not to get the restoration process started ASAP. Here's what a professional 
restoration company can do if they are contacted within 48 hours of a fire:

First off, if the damage is bad enough, a house may need to be sealed with specialized tarps. Fires are likely to cause holes in the roof or walls, which need to be covered up in order to prevent further damage. Thus, the first step of proper fire cleanup is sealing these holes and any other areas that may leak if it rains before repairs are finished.

Secondly, a restoration company will prepare a comprehensive assessment of damages and losses. This is a basic list of repairs that are needed and things that must be replaced. The assessment is necessary for the restoration company to provide an accurate quote as well as to start 
filing an insurance claim.

The next step is a general, yet comprehensive, fire cleanup session. Most importantly, this involves cleaning up the dust to minimize soot damage and improving air quality by minimizing smoke damage early on. Another concern is the contamination (caused by water damage from the fire) which is eliminated by sanitizing the property.

Once the premises are safe again, the primary concern should be obtaining a "fire report" and filing an insurance claim. A fire report is filed by the local fire department. It discusses the state of a damaged property and includes the "incident number" necessary to file a claim. Plus, any water damage from fire department efforts will be 
indicated in the report.

Apply chemical products that eliminate soot damage and smoke damage. Perhaps the most harmful part of fire loss is the soot that settles afterward. If it is not deal with, residents may experience a variety of respiratory disorders due to deteriorating air quality. The most common of these products is TSP - tri-sodium phosphate. It is practically harmless and it works within hours of being applied. 

If any items have been damaged beyond repair or have been badly covered in contaminated water, then it will be necessary to simply dispose of them and this is another service these companies offer.

Finally, after contractors finish with structural repairs, it is absolutely necessary to thoroughly vacuum the entire property. This ensures that no harmful residue is left inside the premises. No matter if it is a hot summer day or if it's freezing cold - vacuuming should be a prime concern. A quality fire restoration company will thoroughly 
clean all fire residue from any site they work on. 

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What to do After a Residential Electrical Fire

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What to do After a Residential Electrical Fire

If you have recently experienced an electrical fire in your home, you are probably wondering what you should do so that you can save your smoke damaged home. Faulty wiring and old appliances are often to blame when electrical fires take place, and not everyone knows how to respond to this terrifying situation. Once firefighters have extinguished the flames and eliminated the threat, you will need to repair your smoke damaged home.

If you need a team that won’t let you down, enlist the help of a fire restoration company, and you will be glad that you did. The team will promptly get to work addressing the fire damage and giving you peace of mind. Once they have removed your items from the smoke damaged home, they will begin cleaning soot from walls to eliminate the lingering smoke odor. At another location, the team will strive to restore your personal belongings, and you will be pleased when you see the outcome.

When you have a trained team doing what it takes to meet your needs at every turn, they will fix the fire damage in no time, and you will be thrilled that the lingering smoke odor is gone. Our team will let you know when they are done cleaning soot from walls and performing other restoration tasks, and they will make your home safe as soon as possible.
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The Aftermath of a House Fire

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The Aftermath of a House Fire

A fire can do tremendous damage to your home. The flames dealt out damage and destruction wherever they spread. The charred remains of items and images precious to you are all that is left. Smoke is second only to flame in the havoc wreaked. In many ways, it is the hardest form of fire damage to recover from because it spreads the fastest and goes the furthest. Soot damage and grime are likely to be found on walls and other surfaces not touched by either the heat or the flames.

Recovering from fire damage requires a plan. In order to formulate one that is effective, and that can be implemented with relative ease and dispatch, you must work with fire restoration professionals. The latter are the only ones who can help you with the fire cleanup, and the subsequent effort to salvage what is possible and reclaim the space for rebuilding, resurfacing, repainting, and rejuvenating.

Such professionals can help you in the following way. After clearing out the burnt refuse and allowing you to recover the items you can, they will get to work on the grime and muck left by the fire. This can only be done by specially made chemical solvents. Applied in the right way these will dissolve the grim and unsightly stains that are among the most grotesque and disturbing traces of the conflagration that has consumed your home—or at least part of it.

Fires also produce bad odors. The restoration company you hire can locate their source and take measures to rid your house of them.

No matter how large the fire and how long it burned, it produced a tremendous amount of heat. The fire damage done by the heat is plain to see in the resulting wreckage. But intense heat also impacts structures below the surface. The professionals of the fire damage restoration company you hire are equipped with and expertly trained on imaging devices that are able to detect any degradation to the foundations of your home. You need to know whether there has been any weakening of the structural integrity of your home. This information is essential as you begin planning your restoration and repairs. It is best to know the extent of the damage, if any, sooner rather than later. If it is allowed to linger, things will only grow worse and you may in the end be forced to pay for a catastrophic failure or collapse. Working with a restoration company will provide you with an accurate assessment of your home’s material condition.

Rejuvenation of the spaces affected by the fire is the final component of fire damage restoration. After you have cleared out the wreckage, dealt with stains, odors, and structural degradation, you must turn your attention to restoring the appearance of your rooms.

You may intend to reset the furnishings, layout, and colors exactly as they were before the fire. Or, you may be interested in doing something completely different. No matter your idea, a restoration company can provide you with advice, expertise, and other consulting services in interior design. Choosing new furnishings, rearranging or redesigning spaces within your home, knocking down walls, pulling up floors, lowering ceilings, building new structures—these are all actions that require the guidance of experts in refurbishment.

Refurbishing and redesigning your home should be incorporated in the general process of restoration. It is much less expensive and much more efficient to do it this way. You should allow the company that has been working with you to reclaim your home from the ravages of the fire to take part in filling it up again with beauty, atmosphere, and liveliness.

Indeed, it is important to work with a fire damage restoration company that is full service—that is, one that offers to work with you through every phase of the reclamation and restoration process. This is the best way to formulate and implement a coherent plan. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Benefits Of Engaging With A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

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Benefits Of Engaging With A Professional Fire Damage Restoration Company

A fire can cause extensive structural damage to a home or business. Not only does a fire in home walls cause considerable damage to the structure, but the soot damage can also lead to a host of other issues. The key to home restoration after fire damage is to call a fire damage specialist as soon as possible. Even after dealing with the aftermath of the fire in home walls, you might have to undertake a thorough fire cleanup on the floors. Board up involves repainting the roof and the ceiling after a fire. Such repairs come in handy since you protect your structure from strong winds or heavy rainfall as you do the repair work. Remember that the water used by the firefighters will spread across the wooden floor, cause it to rot, encourage mild growth, or develop some tough stains. The fire in business premises is no exception since it might also wreak havoc on the office equipment that might cost a fortune to replace. A reputable contractor will undertake the board up, deal with the smoke smell, undertake the fire cleanup, and take care of any problems that result from the fire in home floors and roofs.

Fire cleanup

Once you get rid of the dirty water, you can embark on the fire cleanup. The fire cleanup process will involve collecting the charred materials and safely dispose of them. Beware of nails or any other sharp materials that could result in injuries. For many restoration companies, the process of fire cleanup is not complete without disinfection. Fire damage is a chemical process that might result in the introduction of stains and toxins in your home. The fire in home ceilings can result in the development of soot. The fire in business columns and beams can weaken the structure. A home inspector will analyze the effect of fire in business beams and columns. Commercial fire damage restoration entails board up and soot damage restoration. A competent contractor can work to your advantage, especially if you are grappling with fire in home surfaces or fire in business premises. Start by removing the residues that remain after a fire in business building materials. Avoid the temptation to start renovating your home without getting rid of all the charred materials. Be sure to get a restoration company to help with the commercial fire damage. such a restoration company can help you to undertake the smoke damage repair, deal with commercial fire damage, and eliminate the smoke smell.

Fire damage restoration

Fire damage restoration entails undertaking the cleanup and handling the soot damage and smoke damage with the help of the appropriate detergents. Commercial fire damage repair involves handling all issues that emanate from the event of a fire in business premises. These effects include smoke smell, discoloration, roof replacement, board up and water damage. Whenever the firefighters spray water to the walls, such water will percolate to the floor and initiate some chemical processes. The cost of fire damage restoration will depend on the level of the fire damage. However, you should not hire the first restoration company that you encounter. While hunting for a restoration company, you should ask for as many bids as possible if you want to get quality work at a reasonable cost. Whether you are dealing with fire in home walls, commercial fire damage, smoke smell, or smoke damage, ensure that you hire a reputable contractor who will deal with the soot damage as well. Soot can cause some unsightly marks on the walls or some discolorations on the floor. Getting rid of the soot damage and the smoke damage should be your priority. You can salvage some materials to cut the cost of restoration.
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Some Guidelines To Fire Damage Restoration

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Some Guidelines To Fire Damage Restoration

Restoration after fire damage is an activity that requires skill. In order to curb with fire damage, you are better off engaging the services of fire damage restoration personnel. Any DIY approach can potentially lead to further fire damage as most people will not know what is needed to be done. The details about fire damage restoration needs to be studied and understood thoroughly, whether it is fire in business premises or damage to residential areas.

In the case of a fire in home or fire in business, you need to inform the insuring agency. If you are renting the place and there is some weird smoke smell in the premise, it is prudent to alert your proprietor as soon as possible. The inspector from the insurance agency would be able to connect you with the right fire cleanup agencies. The same goes to business owners when they encounter fire in business outlets or office building that they are renting in.

These agencies can recommend on how to prevent any further damage and go about doing their fire cleanup procedures, whether it is fire in home or commercial fire damage. These fire cleanup service providers help clean up and remove the residual smoke smell, smoke damage and soot damage. Get an estimate for their full fire cleanup services. The estimate may look high at first glance, but it will help if you go through the estimates with them and try to understand the activities they will undertake. Do remember, however, that you will be paying for their specialized knowledge in dealing with commercial fire damage, soot damage and smoke damage. As part of the fire damage restoration, they will let you know what items you can refurbish and what are beyond economical repair.

The heating system filters may need cleaning often to remove the residual soot damage. You will also want to clean up furniture and dry them to clear them of any smoke damage. You may also want to take up the other items. Cleaning of all metallic objects will be possible at this stage. All furnishings like drapes, upholstery, carpets will need to be deodorized to clear any soot damage or smoke damage that may result from the fire. Cleaners who specialize in fire in home or fire in business premises are the best bet in this. Smoke smell, soot removal and cleaning of undamaged household items are necessary parts of the fire damage restoration process. If you find problems persist after your efforts to get rid of the soot and smoke smell on your items, you should get the professionals called in.

We all hope never to be there, but when a disaster happens to your home, you want to be sure that you have the right coverage on your insurance to help you through those tough times. Most commercial fire damage are covered by insurance and it is only fair that you do the same for the home that you live in.

However, some people may not realize that finding a fire damage repair company can be even harder. That is when a person will want to know how to find one of these fire in home restoration companies to get the best results possible to get their life back on track quickly.

The internet can provide a wide variety of results. The problem is that a person needs to be specific about the area they are looking for to guarantee that they can get the help they need in the area they reside in.

Something else that a person may want to try doing will be to contact the companies that they find information on in the various forums on the internet. However, when a person posts questions on the topic they may want to consider all the various answers that they can get, and some of them will provide a person with the names of specific companies to look into. Those that provide services for commercial fire damage may be able to look into your case as well.

You may consider looking at the various review sites that are available on the internet. The review sites can be a wealth of information for a wide variety of reasons, but mainly because a person can learn about all the different experiences that people have had with the company before they hire that company.
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Do I Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services?

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Do I Need Professional Fire Damage Restoration Services?

A fire in home or fire in the business can cause smoke smell, soot damage, smoke damage and other remnants of fire damage. Business or homeowners may not be in a position to conduct a thorough fire cleanup. This is why they need to consider the professional services offered by commercial fire damage restoration companies. Commercial fire damage services can help clients get back to their normal lifestyle in little time. The level of work involved in damage restoration often requires skill, manpower, and experience. Business and home owners contemplating hiring the services of a commercial fire damage company should consider the following reasons.

Fire Cleanup

Once the immediate danger of the fire has been eliminated, the business or home owner is left dealing with smoke damage, soot damage, smoke odor and other forms of fire damage. If the damage is left unattended, the smoke and the ash can cause lingering odors, extensive corrosion, discoloration and etching of the walls. The best way to handle this is by conducting a professional fire cleanup immediately. Commercial fire damage restoration companies have trained and experienced experts who will strive to get their clients back in business as soon as possible, this is regardless of whether the client has suffered a fire in home or a fire in business.

Commercial Fire Damage Restoration

Ash residue, soot damage, smoke smell and smoke damage can cause further damage to the remaining property. Ash easily discolors surfaces, things made from plastic can discolor within hours. Fiberglass finishes can also turn yellow after a fire damage. The ash can also cause walls to discolor, along with upholstery and clothing. Vinyl and wood finishings also need immediate attention since the metal on them corrodes easily. The smell can also cause irritation and respiratory issues. This is why it is important to bring the fire cleanup experts on board immediately after the fire has been put out.
In most cases, home and business owners delay in bringing in the commercial fire damage professionals. This works to their detriment because restoration costs can easily spiral out of control if the damage is not contained after a fire. The effects of smoke odor, soot damage, and smoke damage should not be underestimated. Again, bear in mind that ash is acidic, this means that it can easily cause destruction in a few days or weeks.

Commercial Fire Damage Professional Services

The fire clean up, and restoration industry is highly regulated. The oversight agency is the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC). All their technicians and professionals are expected to go through extensive coursework before they are given a license to operate in the fire damage industry. They are expected to uphold all regulations and standards set by the (IICRC). This is why business and home owners need to ensure that they are working with certified professionals.

When a certified, professional and trained commercial fire damage restoration expert is brought on board after a fire in business or fire in the home, they begin by conducting an assessment of the damage. The primary goal at this stage is to prevent further damage. They also pay attention to ash residue because it spreads easily. These experts will remove the ash built-up and asses what can be salvaged. They will also look out for the sources of smoke smell and other fire related odors. Specialized cleaning agents are used to neutralize the odor. The rest of the items are treated to prevent the smoke smell from spreading and permeating the air.

The type of fire clean up services used will depend on the extent of the fire damage. In the wake of a fire, the main goal is for the homeowner or business owner to protect what is left. The best way to prevent further losses is to enlist the expert services of fire damage restoration companies. Their expertise and experience can help business, and home owners recover faster after a fire in home or fire in business. Visit for more information on fire damage.

Knowing Where To Begin After A Fire

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Knowing Where To Begin After A Fire

A fire in business or a fire in the home can lead to serious fire damage. This is because there is fire loss, soot damage, smoke damage as well as the impact on air quality. The damage is due to flames, heat, smoke as well as water. The things that were not impacted by fire damage may get ruined by smoke damage or water that was used to put out those flames. Hence anything that you wish to save or reuse after a fire cleanup will have to be cleaned carefully first especially after commercial fire damage.

Any fire in home or fire in business may require the firefighters to cut holes in the walls of the premises. This is done to look for any flames that may be hidden there and erupt later and lead to fire damage. To minimize smoke damage and soot damage, holes may have been cut in the roof to let the heat out. Fire cleanup requires time and patience as the fire loss gets assessed.

Any commercial fire damage gets mitigated to a large extent if there was a fire sprinkler system. A fire cleanup requires understanding the risks to safety and health even after the fire has been put out. There can be soot damage that can affect health. The air quality can make a person sick and aggravate fire damage. It is important to be careful after any fire in business to reduce fire loss. It is best to take the advice of the fire department before touching any object that has been damaged by fire.

The restoration specialists must be consulted before doing any fire cleanup. To reduce fire loss, windows may be broken, and holes may be cut in the roof to allow for ventilation and slow the growth of the fire. This removes dark smoke making it easy for firefighters to see. It also helps to reduce smoke damage and soot damage. This reduces commercial fire damage and can help to save lives and property too. Holes may be cut in the walls to ensure that the fire is out completely and not hidden anywhere leading to fire loss later.

Before the fire cleanup, the fire report is required to provide information to the insurance company and such other officials regarding soot damage and smoke damage besides air quality. After assessing the fire damage in case of fire in a home, it is important to take care of the family. They may need a place to stay, food, clothing, good air quality and maybe even medicine. There must be a safe place to live in for some time. Plenty of rest is required along with a lot of help, especially in the case of fire in business. It is not possible to do it all alone. In the case of commercial fire damage, it is important not to breathe in anything that was near the flames. The air quality may have been impacted by smoke or soot.

Any fire in home impacts the pets too. Find them and comfort them. They need calm and gentle care. After the fire in a home or a fire in business, enter only when the fire department says that it is safe. There can be commercial fire damage as fires may start again, even after appearing to be out. There can be fire damage if the damaged roofs or floors fall. Visit for more information on fire damage.